Oh hi there! I’ve missed you. ♥ Happy Friday and omg did you know actual summer is only 6 days away (even though it’s been a billion degrees for the past couple months)? What are your travel plans? Tell me everything.

I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot lately and thought it would be fun to check in a bit more often this summer. Whatdoya think?

Also, I encourage you to play with your food more and use this photo as inspiration. YUP. Someone actually carved FRIYAY out of watermelon! (And the water is watermelon, strawberry, lemon infused, btw) So, it’s time to up your water game, y’all.

{Photo courtesy of my super cool jet-setting journalist, writer, food lover, bacon fan, red wine connoisseur, runner, current/semi-new resident of Chicago friend Katie – have you ever been? I haven’t but it’s on the list for 2018).

Sooooo I’m just saying hi and I love ya and miss ya and have a FAB WEEKEND!

I’m hitting a friend’s pool on Saturday and oh another friend’s pool in the old hood on Sunday. Time to get my big hat out and maybe construct a travel cabana for this delicate baby skin?

ALSO – if you want to feel like you’re infusing your lips with a summer cucumber mint mojito cocktail, buy this immediately. It’s DREAMY. I think I found it at CVS or Target but oh wow did they hit this flavor out of the park. YUM.


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