santa clarita diet + weekend


Happy Friday!!! Congrats! Great job, you made it through another semi-winter week. In Northern Virginia, it has started reached “normal” winter temperatures in the past couple days and we’re all traumatized. We have become huge, spoiled babies from the 50 to nearly 70 degree days we’ve been having. I still hear birds singing right now though. It’s February, you guys. Seriously, go to Florida.

So, I’m out of the TV loop right now. I used to be up on a few shows, but I seem to be finding other things to do with my time. But we need to discuss this new-ish Netflix gem. I had seen a few promos for the Santa Clarita Diet with Drew Barrymore a while back. They were done in the style of a super uplifting Jenny Craig diet commercial, yet with twisted language edits like “I satisfy all my cravings and eat whoever I want.” And, let’s get real, anything with Drew Barrymore is perfection. She is a BOSS.

I watched the first few episodes and they were hilarious. The tone of the show is very much like a sitcom, but with awesome dry humor and no terrible laugh track. Bright lighting, little to no music, nosy neighbors, quirky kids, the whole shebang! The great contrast to the bright, cheery visual tone is that the show is about cannibalism / zombie-esque lifestyle. The fact that they are realtors, and I’ve worked with and am close with many, makes the show even more fun. It’s also kind of romantic because the husband, hottie Timothy Olyphant, sticks by Drew’s character while they search out fresh meat or are burying bones together. That’s true love!

Have you watched? If so, what do you think? I’m not too far in, so don’t ruin any surprises! :D If you want to know more, check out the trailer below. Are you binging anything this weekend?! Have a great weekend! ♥channing


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