money money money (and brains)


In the vein of having adult thoughts (see yesterday’s post re: to-do lists), I am searching for the best money management software. Something like I’m curious what you use, if anything? I know money is an awkward subject for people. I write a lot about spending money, but I think managing it well is pretty awesome too. I’m fairly certain 95% of my income goes to food but I’m looking for an app to tell me so. :)


Also an update on yesterday’s experiment. The right side of this photo sums up how my entire brain works every day (and my to-do list is represented by the kite that is floating away):


Cool article on brains, left and right sides: Creative vs analytical, ‘right-brained’ vs ‘left-brained’ myth debunked.

Happy Friday Eve. ♥channing

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  1. Hi! I think that getting an alert to your phone everytime you use your card helps track your spending. I also keep a spreadsheet of how I spend my money. I think that keeps me focused. Most credit cards (I have an Amex that does it) give you a breakdown of where your money goes each month.

    I felt that I was spending a lot of money at one point, so I sat down and took a hard look at my spending habits (why was I taking so many ubers and paying for so much parking!?) I think that certainly helped me become more aware of how I was spending money. I was able to easily identify what and where I could cut out expenses. I

  2. I have alerts for almost everything in my life including when I need to bolt out the door for my 1 hour walk before sunset which I look up the sunset time every day lol. :) Part of the pleasure of working from home is ability to bolt out door and breathe which I don’t seem to do when I am emailing back and forth with clients (and your must read blog ;) I have alerts on my credit card for when I use the card and how much mostly to make sure it is me using the card and not someone else. Dave just received an alert this week for a purchase in Texas but he is not in Texas. So FRAUD and replaced his card asap. I have payment due set up for the week before it is due (I don’t use automatic payment option because I like to review my statement before I pay).

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