setting intentions


I’m the queen of distractions and the first to admit it. I would love to be that gal who has laser sharp focus and can whip through a to-do list like nobody’s business, but I am certainly not her (at least not at this moment in my life). Sometimes the day flies by and I realize at 5pm that I’ve gotten only 1 of 10 things done that I wanted to accomplish. That’s clearly not going to work anymore.

Now that I’m working at home and have several different paths I can take right now, it’s crucial to get focused and get super productive. Obviously getting distracted by rainbows and butterflies will not get me a new job or new freelance clients. So, this morning I sat down with an enormous cup of coffee and my never-leave-home-without-it notepad (pictured) and wrote an “intentions list”. Not a to-do list. Intentions list sounds better to me. It was a map of my entire day including this blog post, work items for my current marketing client, shower (and even a deep conditioning treatment), snacking, travel time for dinner later tonight, and other errand items I’ve been putting off.

I added a notation to each item with an estimated time needed to complete it. This is where I’ll learn and improve every day because I’ve already gone 25 minutes beyond the time I estimated for this post. With anything at all, things always seem to take twice as long as you think, but a huge bonus if they don’t!

With so, so, soooo many distractions in our current tech-saturated lives, how do you stay focused, on-task, and organized so that you accomplish all that you want to during the day? Would love to know.

I’ll post an update should this experiment continue working for me or if I happen to invent a totally amazing and unique organizational method. Actually, if I do the latter, I will patent it immediately and sell it on this website because that would be solid gold.

K, have a lovely and productive hump day!

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  1. Love this idea! I get so easily distracted, so I love a good to-do list! I think we have to plan out what we need to do that day, or it simply won’t get done. I also don’t like to let things linger on my list. It’s important to make sure you’re accomplishing things and not are pushing them to the next week or day! I believe in you!

    1. Haha thanks for your support! :) My lists do get super over-ambitious sometimes, so maybe another thing is to make them more realistic and focused so I don’t feel terrible when I don’t get all 50 things done in one day!

  2. One thing that helps me is to turn off the phone and email until a designated time (say, 3:30 pm for example). Then turn them back on and answer/reply as necessary. Amazing how much difference not having those nearly continuous 🔔 dings coming from your computer and phone can make.

  3. I have been working on this since 2009 when I started working from home….It is a daily work in progress. I get it all done but not in a balanced way or maybe I want to get too many things done all at once which is the real problem. As you know I have always had ‘get out the door’ issues and this is a forever project to work on. I wake up with my list and do the best I can each day :)

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