happy heart shaped pizza day!


Hello gorgeous everyone! I’m curious – are you a fan of the whole Valentine’s Day shenanigans or can you just order a pizza and call it a Tuesday … or are you somewhere in the middle? I’m dying to know how everyone feels and thinks about this day. Please tell me in the comments if you wish! This is always an interesting conversation.

I always think it might be fun to do something, but the years that I’ve been in the middle of all the pre-fixe menus and over the top everything, it has sometimes felt like forced fun and also a lot of pressure to be loving and to have everything be picture perfect. On the other hand, there have been years when I intentionally didn’t make plans, then kind of wished I was out. But, you know, grass always greener!

Also another important question – do you have a local pizza place serving heart-shaped pizza!? Shout out to Vanessa for bringing heart-shaped pizza delivery to my attention this year at a local spot. I think that is truly living the dream!

And … pair that sweet little pizza with an ultra cheesy, ooey-gooey movie fest on Hallmark Channel, like the love gem A Dash of Love (image below) and oh so many more during their Valentine’s love fest marathon. There is something unbelievably satisfying about watching a sap-filled movie to which you truly already know the ending.


Thank you, Hallmark Channel, for ridiculously dreamy moments like this and your full Countdown to Valentines’ Day schedule (click for all the love). :) Sometimes, we just need to completely zone out and go into dreamland (whatever your own personal dreamland is, Hallmark or not) and Hallmark always delivers with their “Countdown to {insert holiday here}”. You guys are awesome.

Whatever you do today, whether it’s a total romance explosion, a pizza/movie night, or even an online shopping fest to treat yo self, I wish you the absolute best night ever and full of so much love (love of a person, love of a new face serum, or love of extra cheese)! And you absolutely must tell me if you have super cool or unique plans for today! #needtoknow



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