love is all around (+ happy galentine’s day!)

Yay, it’s the week of love! And for those of you darlings who think this is just for romantic love, you are truly missing out! While I always dream of sending a magical mailing of adorable Valentine’s cards to everyone I love, the evil (yet loving) procrastinator inside of me often thinks of these gems when it’s too late. But, seriously, everyone is in my heart and thoughts daily. 

Technically today is Galentine’s Day, according to the adorable Leslie Knope, but I think V day is also G day too. There’s enough love to spread around right? The ladies are the ones with the obsession with heart-shaped things and I don’t think I’m just talking about myself (ahemlooks over at dish towels covered in red hearts, thinks fondly of heart-shaped pink cupcake tin in cupboard, dreams of sprinkling edible pink heart-shaped glitter confetti all over everything). 


So, cheers to spreading the love to everyone in your life, whether it’s a well-planned V day gift, a phone call or text. Enjoy your week of love!


4 thoughts on “love is all around (+ happy galentine’s day!)

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  1. Hi Channing
    So glad you are back with your fun postings.
    Galentines Day seems very right, since girls always feel like “love is all around you” and their hearts are always overflowing with love. It is just the nature of their hearts.

    1. hi ausra! glad to be back! my goal is to provide fun entertainment and a quick daily hello and I hope I can continue doing that consistently! totally agree with your comment! we are the ones who are in love with love!! :) have a lovely day!

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