summer in february and a hello!

Greetings from beyond! I’m writing my annual hello message from my new apartment on a gorgeous, sunny, 60 degree morning in February while listening to the birds sing their spring songs. Yep, totally normal (ahem) yet insanely awesome.

Today kind of makes me feel like:

I’ve missed you guys. I always think about this blog and writing something new. And I’m always shocked to go back and see the dates on some of the old posts I think about the most. I really want to commit to you guys long term, seriously. So I will (try my best … or see you again in 2018!?)! There are so many new things to discuss, so I should have some solid material for a while at least.

How about that 2016, huh? A handful of friends said it was totally normal and uneventful. Mine was life-changing:
1) became un-engaged, newly single
2) sold condo, moved to new apartment
3) quit job, found new one
4) even sold exploding engine Mini Cooper S (bless your self-destructive, adorable, chili red soul) and replaced with normal adult vehicle, still pining for sports car at this very moment
5) basically reinvented my entire life #aintnothang

Change is hard and magical all at the same time. I wish I had written down all the messy and neurotic thoughts I had over the past year. I would no doubt be a best selling author, with the proper editor of course. Or the crazy scrawl would have landed me in the insane asylum. One or the other.

I could not have done everything I did last year without a tremendous (and I mean legit unconditional love kind of stuff, because I talked a LOT … SO. MANY. WORDS.) amount of support from friends and family. You know who you are. Thank you, I love you. And to those of you who are hearing all of these things for the first time, I love you too. ♥

I think that’s all I have for now. I wanted to just reconnect to my people and say Hi.

Hi :)

I also need to get my domain name back. The sparkle and the clink have both drifted off into internet land due to neglect. This is why I can’t have nice things.

Have a lovely day. See you soon.

Kisses, channing

14 thoughts on “summer in february and a hello!

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  1. Yay!!! Sparkle and Clink-I’ve missed you! …looking forward to reading more! I especially like the food experimentations! Cheers to re-inventions! XO -Molly


  2. What can I say that we haven’t shared on email throughout the grand good, scary, anxious and stressful changes we both experienced in 2016? Looks like we made it to 2017. The work of change is never done and 2017 will be about adapting to the changes and figuring out how to settle into our ‘new lives’. We’ve done the most difficult parts in 2016 and now we have to find our groove in 2017. I am happy you figured out sooner than later that the new job was not 100% right for you. The only thing that is constant it change and I think 2017 will be about how to settle into what was started in 2016. Change is hard and change is the only constant in life. 2016 was mind blowing for both of us and we both survived. The work is not over but that’s a good thing because this is called LIVING.

      1. Wise comes at the price of suffering, constant challenges and somehow making a life out of it anyway. I often wish to be less wise and less challenged but hell I keep beating the odds so it’s something to be proud of. I’m so proud of YOU because the choices you made in 2016, some people will put that off FOREVER. MANY PEOPLE STAY STUCK and never do what it necessary to get UNSTUCK. This doesn’t mean it is all perfect now but life will never be ‘perfect’ just unstuck is a good start. :)

  3. the key is that you make the best out of everything that is thrown your way and that is truly impressive. thank you for your kind words. sometimes we just have to keep moving forward and do what the gut tells us to do. totally agree – there is no perfect, but the pursuit of an amazing life is the goal. :)

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