the queen b of trash tv: bachelorette

The Bachelorette season premiere is coming up on Monday and I’ve been dying to see what’s going to happen ever since they dropped the double Bachelorette bomb two months ago during After the Final Rose. Just look at the confusion and boiling rage in these faces moments after the horrid news was announced.


The only full season of any Bachelor or Bachelorette I’ve ever made it through to the end has been this past winter’s Prince Farming. I’ve tried with other seasons, but I’ve jumped ship halfway through when the major sobbing begins. This past season was different though and it wasn’t just Farming’s adorable dimples that got me through the hours of episodes each week. This season was hilarious and it seemed like the show finally stopped trying to take itself so seriously.


And the Amazing Jar was seriously amazing.


I’m hoping they’ll continue this theme of dramedy with Amy Schumer possibly making an appearance on the show.

For a hot second, I was disgusted with the upcoming Bachelorette’s throwing two women into the ring again and giving the men all the power to decide who is worthy of their affections. But, then I got over it and realized this show goes so well with a fat glass of white wine and a Monday night veg-fest.

I love this summary of the whole situation in the video below. I agree with this guy. Britt is the total trash TV package. She was literally the girl I loved/hated watching on The Bachelor because she was truly the biggest hot mess on TV. Who do you think is going to win as The reigning Bachelorette? Do you think Chris Harrison is going to throw in yet another twist during the premiere!?


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