5-minute banana berry smoothie


After posting the ginger cherry smoothie earlier this month, I realized it’s pretty labor intensive for a weekday (although totally worth it when you can pull it off). I usually make it in a fog and then by the time I’m drinking it, I realize that I should have starting getting ready for work 30 minutes before … and that I’ve been in the kitchen for 45 minutes peeling ginger and drinking coffee and watching House of DVF.


So, I’ve just made a 5-minute, 4-ingredient smoothie that is so easy you can whip it up basically while you’re still sleeping. The whole goal of smoothies for me is to get my daily flax meal on and/or chia seed fix and this is a super quick, tasty way to get it done.

Also *seasonal note*, this would literally be the perfect breakfast to give your stomach a little something to eat on Thanksgiving morning. Don’t starve yourself on Turkey Day morning!


5 minute hump day {probably still asleep} banana berry smoothie:
(Makes about 8 oz.  Double all ingredients, except flax, for a biggie.)
1/2 cup frozen raspberries
1/2 banana
1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
2 tbsp flax meal (or 1 tbsp chia seed)

Add first 3 ingredients to blender and purée until smooth. Add cold water for a thinner consistency, if desired. Once smooth, change to ‘stir’ setting and add in the flax or chia until just combined.

Enjoy. Try to wake up. Don’t cry, it’s Hump Day!


2 thoughts on “5-minute banana berry smoothie

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  1. LOVE!! Especially appreciate the “seasonal note” because my family is getting together early-ish this year (around lunchtime), so I was wondering what to fix for breakfast beforehand. May have to try this out! :D

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