anna kendrick + kate spade + twisted kids

Seriously, I know, we are only halfway through November but I’ve already started getting all googly-eyed for the latest glittery, sparkly, holiday ad campaigns. I’m in marketing and I can’t help but to stop and take notice when it’s done right. It happens every year around now {and of course during the Super Bowl}.

I just discovered this, which makes me undeniably happy:

I love that Kate Spade has used Anna Kendrick for this ad. She is totally relatable, hilarious and adorable. Would love to hang with this cool chic and maybe JLaw would come too. Oscars, bubbly, shenanigans.

If you view the video on, you can interact with it by clicking on all the Kate Spade goodies you want to view/buy. Everything you click will be saved and you can then view all the items together by clicking the icon in the lower right corner of the video. Shopping games!

I also stop the DVR any time I see this Target ad. It’s super cute and I want to be this little girl:

And, the third on today’s list is this smart ad for Halos mandarins. I’ve never heard of Halos, but I will always remember the brand going forward. Great dark undertones, very funny and genius Godfather reference:

On another note, I am now operating the blog under Sparkle & Clink again. I might be one of the only bloggers to freely switch between three blog names over and over again, but I’m hoping this will stick this time. I want to get away from having my name in the title and focus on a name that is more universal and conveys the feeling of a lovely moment in life. Sparkle & Clink originally came from that sweet moment you pop open a champagne bottle and cheers in celebration … or just because it’s Wednesday. I want the blog to be a place of beauty, discovery, inspiration, and a lot of happiness.


P.S., more great Anna Kendrick stalking here, here, and here.

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