mindy project now

Ok you guys, I’m super excited about The Mindy Project premiere happening in T minus a few minutes. I have been MIA on the blog {tears} but I wanted to check in and say Hi! and express my joy for this moment. This is officially the kick-off of the fall TV season and I couldn’t be more ready for a cool, crisp season of new shows and buckets of red wine. To mark this lovely occasion, I’ve put together some gifs so you can get equally pumped for tonight’s big event. Cheers to this sassy, spicy lady. ♥c

hot_mess_mindy_project-gif  shave i have no one _ mindy mindy_stomach_money stalker_themindyproject texting

7 thoughts on “mindy project now

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  1. Funny cause I just discovered it (MINDY PROJECT ..always late yes…) and started watching old seasons!
    I also just discovered Modern FAMILY( speaking of SPICEY Latina) AND LOVE IT BEYOND LOVE IT.
    I watched the entire first Season on the flight to Germany in August!!
    Welcome back to the written word (for today at least!)

  2. glad I caught this post in time to catch the show. I dont normally watch it, but somehow recently saw the last season finale repeat and it was MAGICAL.
    thanks chan!

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