not sorry + i will what i want

Happy Friday hot stuff. I’m sure you’ve seen the Sorry Not Sorry Pantene ad that’s been going around, right? If not, watch it here, now.

No matter how many times I watch it, I get cold chills. Women apologizing for nothing has always been an enormous pet peeve of mine and I love that this calls it out and has made it a conversation. I hope it inspires women to stop and think before mindlessly apologizing and devaluing their worth.

I also rounded up a few other #InspireFriday videos of strong women kicking butt and not apologizing for it to kick off the weekend and also a link to a breakfast cookie recipe. I’m Not Sorry for eating cookies for breakfast.


Chia Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies – I love every single ingredient in this recipe and have no doubt they will blow minds. I’m making these this weekend. Thanks mom for sharing this yummy recipe.

Have an amazing weekend.

8 thoughts on “not sorry + i will what i want

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    Hadn’t seen that pantene commercial– it actually brought tears to my eyes. I am an apologizer.
    Thanks for this fantastic reminder– shrinking ourselves does no good to anyone.

  2. Nice. I would argue that this is not strictly a woman thing though… I apologize like this constantly. The guy taking the armrest cracked me up because I’ve done that more times than I can count. (Apologized for using it— not taking it from someone else!). Or if someone bumps into me on a crowded street, I find myself apologizing just for being there.

    But, I know that it’s more universally a women thing. So I’m just going to borrow some empowerment from it anyway. (Sorry.)


    Btw Chan, the breakfast cookies look awesome, but the link to the recipe didn’t work for me.

  3. Wow! Thank you for sharing these. I hadn’t seen the Pantene commercial and know I am guilty of this behavior. I totally needed this today. And now I’m in search of a breakfast cookie for solidarity.

  4. My goal last year was to stop saying “sorry” in inappropriate situations. I vowed only to apologize if I truly did something wrong and felt remorse. I’m still trying to master this. I feel like “sorry” has lost value in modern society, much like the overuse of the word “love” for things we’re fond of. “Sorry” is a hard habit to break, but re-thinking unconscious habits helps us to be better people.

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