blue jasmine

blue jasmine cate

Have you ever seen a movie that makes you feel more alert and aware of life? Your own life or the life of those around you. This kind of did that for me. It’s a genius clash of culture and class. It goes to both places so well and it’s more vibrant when done as opposing environments within the same movie. It deals with alcoholism, mental illness, tragedy and Cate Blanchett is absolutely genius in this role. She should win every possible award. I found myself with my mouth hanging open in shock and also dying laughing at the deadpan delivery of some of the lines.

I like Woody Allen movies when he is not on the screen. They are honest and really make you think and you end up learning something by the time the movie is over. Or at the very least, I find myself somehow inspired by the end. Or moved. Or disturbed in some way.

Blue Jasmine was dry, dark, twisted and hilarious. I loved it. Have you seen it and what did you think? Loved it, hated it? Would love to hear! ♥c

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  1. I loved Blue Jasmine and I love Cate in general. Such a fun movie and of course my husband would look at me and say ‘you do that’ (some O.C.D meltdown scenes). It was one I had to watch right before the Oscars. The other movie (not as fun, funny or fashionable) that blew my mind was 12 years a Slave. WOW. HUMBLING.

  2. Ok, I MUST see this. My mom gave it a similarly glowing review. It looks great!

    One movie I saw recently that I’d highly recommend is The Wolf of Wall Street. Leo is amazing in it, but moreover, I can’t BELIEVE it’s based on a true story! The incredible amount of money, drugs, and sex is shocking. But a GREAT movie.

    1. American Hustle was another good one and thanks for sharing this link! I was on my phone during American Hustle trying to find the real people they were based on. Glad to know there is a website dedicated to this.

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