girlfriends in movies + “the other woman”

It’s absolutely no secret that I love a good rom com. Sometimes the cheesier, the better. (C’mon, Chrissy, you remember when I kind of forced you to watch When In Rome on DVD that Friday night forever ago? :D) But this one was a game changer.

No matter how many negative reviews are out there, I absolutely loved The Other Woman. It was smart, funny and, for once, it was not about “getting the guy” and a fairytale ending. It was about girlfriends. It was not afraid to show women acting like hilarious idiots like we do when we all get together.


It showed women being funny, vulnerable, strong, emotional, smart, insecure, scared, confident and supportive of each other – because we are all made up of all of these things and much more, every single day. And a Hollywood movie finally showed woman blaming the man for cheating and not tearing the other woman down for it. Thank you.

Leslie Mann’s physical comedy was insane and awesome. Cameron Diaz’s sharp one-liners were fantastic. This movie was a fun, over the top, girlfriend comedy. It’s the best funny movie I’ve seen in a while. And, yes, I’m totally biased when it comes to women leading a comedy. I think chic flicks are the best and I know there is a huge appetite out there for more of this type of movie.


To all the jerky reviewers out there, this is a fun movie, not a documentary. So let’s take it for what it is, kick back, and enjoy the ride.

Have you seen it and what do you think?

In other entertainment news, check out the Huffington Post article about the 2014-2015 TV show renewals and cancellations here.

Also, an article on The Atlantic about the new show Playing House and portraying true female friendships on TV. P.S., whatever happened to Anna Camp, Mindy’s awesome friend on The Mindy Project?


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  1. I love getting a shout out and yes I remember watching When in Rome:) I’m pretty sure Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard met on that movie so at least they got their happy ending. I just recently saw a Hallmark movie with Katharine McPhee that had pretty much the same premise-you’d probably enjoy it!

    Anna Camp and a bunch of others left/were let go from the Mindy Project when they had to retool the show. I wish they’d bring her back since I don’t love the guy they added from Happy Endings. The last episode was pretty awesome thigh with all the rom com stuff.

    1. Yay for shout outs and happy endings for rom com stars! :D Haha, yeah, I saw the preview for the Katharine McPhee movie, but didn’t watch it. Maybe I should? Love the sap!

      Aww, that is too bad about Anna Camp. Thanks for the info, I really miss her on the show. I also miss Happy Endings as well, so sad they’ve canceled some of my favorites! Love the Mindy Project always though!

  2. Thanks for the review. I have been wanting to see this, but the reviews made me a little skeptical. Knowing it gets the big CG stamp of approval means it’s something I should check out!

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