frozen grapes

The weather outside is frightful. And so is the thought of a too-tight cocktail dress at all the fab holiday parties coming up. Instead of stuffing face with cookies and cheese at night, my new go-to is frozen grapes. They are basically the best thing ever. They are like little balls of grape sorbet and perfect during an evening veg-fest.


Do it:
1) Wash fresh organic grapes in colander.
2) Shake off excess water.
3) Pour out on paper towel on counter and dry off with another paper towel (or air dry – if you have buckets of patience/time).
4) Once completely dry, place grapes in a Ziploc freezer bag and freeze for a few hours or overnight.
5) Enjoy little sweet frozen nuggets of joy … preferably while watching this:



{Revenge image via Hollywood Life}

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