60 second pomegranate prep

It’s pomegranate season, the most wonderful time of the year. If you’ve ever tried to deseed one of these sweet nuggets, you know it can turn you into a hot mess within seconds. I love these little sparkly red gems, but I love instant gratification more than anything so read on for a lovely ruby revelation.


I’ve tried the painfully long process of deseeding in a bowl of water. And, I’ve also tried the beating of the fruit with a wooden spoon method, which resulted in a pomegranate blood splattered kitchen. But over the weekend, I came across a video that inspired me to try again.

This guy is a real talker, but he opened my eyes to something I didn’t do when I first tried the pom-pummeling method. He gave the pom a little stretch to open it up before beating it. I also added a couple of my own extra steps that will ensure total success (after the video below).

The actual tutorial starts at the 1 minute mark and ends at about 3:45. Note his squeal of excitement at 3:10. You just might squeal too, this is so easy.

If you made it to the end of the video, you’ll notice he referenced the pomegranate blood splatter that happens with his method. I solved that problem with a ramekin and a paper towel.

Instead of holding the pomegranate in my hand, I used a medium ramekin that was about 4″ wide – usually the same width as the top half of the fruit after being cut.


After scoring the pomegranate and twisting the two halves apart, I turned half of the pomegranate face down into the ramekin so the edges of the fruit met up with the edges of the ramekin. I also took extra measures and put a paper towel on top of the fruit before the beating commenced to make sure there would be no splatter in my kitch.


Then, I took my biggest wooden spoon and whacked the pomegranate a couple times, then moved the ramekin 1/4 turn and repeated 3 more times until I made it all the way around. I gave the top of the pomegranate an extra couple whacks just to make sure it was good, then lifted the paper towel and pomegranate. The results were fantastic. Just a couple pieces of white flesh easily picked out.


And who doesn’t love to beat their workday aggression out on a piece of fruit?

With the ramekin and paper towel, all of the arils and the fruit blood spatter are safe in the dish and not all over your fab outfit or your face. And, you can eat pomegranate seeds within 60 seconds of slicing it open.

Instant gratification really does taste delish.

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