pumpkin muffins + beer

Pumpkin and chocolate baked in little pillowy muffin nuggets? Hell yes. I’ve been stalking these muffins on Pinterest for over a week. I bought the missing recipe pieces on Saturday and whipped these tasty cakes up on Sunday morning. They were amazing and spicy and autumny and addictive.


With the molasses, the ground cloves and allspice, these kind of taste like pumpkin chocolate gingerbread muffins! Loved them and they were easy for a Sunday morning bake fest. Recipe here via Averie Cooks.

{A few notes: Mine turned out a nice rich darker color versus the bright orange pumpkiny color pinned from the recipe. There was a lot of chocolate and you could definitely cut down on the chips in the recipe and still get that chocolate goodness. You also might want to add in the melted coconut oil last to the wet ingredients because I noticed the coconut oil starting to re-solidify as I was doing other things. This C+B ice cream scoop is a dream for baking muffins – this perfectly measured out the batter into 12 cups with just a very slightly rounded scoop.}

… And now for pumpkin beer!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been taste testing four pumpkin beers in search of my favorite one. I love opening a cold bottle of spicy fall goodness after work.


I’ll admit that I am biased toward dark beer – porters and stouts. So, the ales are automatically not first pick, but I gave them all a good chance.

A countdown to my fave, from left to right:
4) Saranac Pumpkin Ale:  Light body, easy to drink, very subtle pumpkin spice, refreshing ale. Favorite label of all four – love the evil chuckling jack-o’-lantern.

3) AleWerks Pumpkin Ale:  This wins the *Pumpkin Pie in a Bottle award*. Or maybe even Pumpkin Ice Cream in a Bottle. It was noticeably sweet and spicy with caramel undertones.

2) Dogfish Head Punkin Ale:  This took all the delicious pumpkin pie flavors and meshed them with a fuller bodied brown ale. Win! Love this beer. It wasn’t overwhelming sweet as the AleWerks, but definitely delivered a full fall burst of flavors – pumpkin spices, caramel, vanilla all wrapped up in a rich brown ale.

1) Starr Hill Boxcar Pumpkin Porter:  Pumpkin spices + Porter = Winner! Love this rich, chocolatey, pumpkin spice beer. With a full bittersweet bod and a smooth finish, this is my fall 2013 beer pick!

Since my last post, I also bought Southern Tier Pumking, a suggestion from the fabulous Ty, my old friend and beer connoisseur. Found a large format bottle at Whole Foods. Can’t wait to try it!

… and now for Monday Nuggets!

I’ve been scouring menus for butternut squash ravioli for weeks and I just found my own stash at The Italian Store in Arlington. Score! Now … must find the perfect sauce to go with it.

butternut_squash_ravioliSo … tell me, what fall goodies have you been baking up or eating out? Have you been drinking any tasty fall goodness?

Have a lovely week. xo, c.

4 thoughts on “pumpkin muffins + beer

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  1. Yay, Pumpkin EVERYTHING!

    I’ve tried two of those four beers, and agree with your ratings of them. The Saranac is nice, but forgettable, and the Dogfish is really good this year. I’ve noticed over the years that seasonal beers can tend to taste different from one year to the next. A few years ago, the Dogfish was a little too malty and not pumpkiny enough for me, but now it’s right on. Same goes for the Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin ale, which I used to find overly sour, now tastes great to me. Or going in the opposite direction, the beer that introduced me to the genre many years ago (in Richmond) was Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale. I bought it every year, but when I moved back up north, I couldn’t find it… So I had my local store special order some for me. When it came in though, it was just meh. And because I could only order a case, I was stuck with 24 lackluster beers!

    I haven’t had anything from AleWerks or Starr Hill. New York and DC aren’t really that far apart, but I guess different distributors get different stuff.

    Enjoy that Pumking! It is pretty sweet, but that sweetness is balanced by a higher ABV, so it packs a punch!

    Those muffins look goooood. :)

  2. I wish there was a “scratch & sniff” app for pictures… I’d definitely like to smell the wonderful aroma those muffins must have given off when they were baking! Did you have a PSL to go along with it? :-)

  3. Now, you need to move on to pumpkin bread, PSL, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin mousse, pumpkin chili, pumpkin curry…

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