compulsive fall disorder #pumpkinloversanonymous

Ok, you guys, I 100% have this. And, you might too. Watch this vid and see if you start drooling at the mention of pumpkins:

I usually spend the whole month of August secretly just waiting for fall. I have four types of pumpkin beer in my fridge to taste-test which one is truly pumpkin pie in a bottle (and I will be dedicating a new post to this, btw). I booked my September “fall hair” sesh at the salon in July. I stalked Method’s website waiting for the fall hand soap scents to be released.

I hoarded canned pumpkin purée from last winter because I know they don’t release it until late September or early October in some stores – and what would I do if I couldn’t bake pumpkin bread in June if I wanted to!? Seriously. I shamefully text-photo bombed friends with my pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks when they released the early PSL10 “secret code” in August. And I just learned that Silk makes a pumpkin spice soymilk and I’m salivating. And I pre-ordered this syrup in the middle of August.

Are you a fellow CFD’er? Confess away, this is a safe place. I also have a lovely Autumn board on Pinterest that you’ll probably want to stalk too. Join me, pumpkin lovers.

(P.S., thanks Mom for sending this absolutely hilarious video from this original site. Love it and totally needed it during a crazy intense day yesterday. <3)

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  1. I’m TOTALLY with you. I just can’t get enough. Canned pumpkin is making in appearance in all of my food. Smoothies, pancakes, oatmeal, breads, french toast… the list goes on.

  2. Pumpkin Pie In A Bottle=Southern Tier Pumking. I’ve been scouring the globe (well, local liquor and grocery stores anyway,) for the perfect pumpkin beer for over a decade, and THIS is it. It’s from upstate NY, so I’m not sure if they sell it down there in DC, but if you see it, you MUST try it. Has a bit of a marshmallow taste on the finish! :)

    Southern Tier Pumking

    1. You know, I only had one this season and that was the one in August! I found the flavors pretty intense and I also didn’t like the ingredient list I found online (including high fructose corn syrup and no trace of actual pumpkin puree,default,pd.html).

      I’ve been making lattes at home using the Williams Sonoma pumpkin spice latte syrup that has cane sugar, pumpkin puree and spices. The bottle is small, so I want to make my own when it runs out. This recipe looks great and I have all the ingredients at home already!

      Which pumpkin beer is your fave??

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