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Have you seen The Carrie Diaries yet? Or maybe you read it when it was just a wee little book.
the-carrie-diaries-posterThe first three episodes have been a breath of adorable, innocent fresh air, especially after my recent DVR break up with #RHOBH. I truly could not listen to one more drunken botox-filled fight or another word out of crazy Brandi’s mouth.
crazy brandiSo, I deleted the season pass and went in search of a happier TV place. Enter: Wholesome CW G-rated fun. I love cute, bubbly shows and, let’s be honest, we are all just looking for another hit of SATC.

Opening Night of The New York Television Festival Presents the World Premiere of

Mini Carrie Bradshaw has a super pretty doll face and is an ultra responsible and well adjusted 16-year old. I have to wonder what happened between this smart, grown-up teenager phase and the adult CB we all know with chain smoking and neurotic tendencies. Right now, Mini-CB is definitely “A Charlotte” with very innocent mischievous “Samantha-esque” undertones like little white lies to bosses and father (but obviously sans the nymphomania habit). She is surely miles away from being “A Carrie” just yet.

The 80s music is great, naturally. The fashion isn’t totally 80s, thankfully. The show has been criticized for not going all the way with the authentic fashion, but I’m totally fine with that. I grew up in the 80’s, after all, and it was not pretty. If it were completely true to the times, the aesthetic would be seriously distracting. What they are going for seems very high fashion, glossy 80s looks mixed with a contemporary edge. I like it. You are able to focus on the characters and story line, versus trying to look beyond the shoulder pads and horrifically large hair.

There are a handful of other characters and the usual teenage conflicts. There is a gothy sister, a gaggle of BFFs and the level headed, super sweet father who is also a recent widower. Mini-CB’s love interest, Sebastian, is gorge. Like most actors playing a high school student, he is not 16. He is actually 21, so I don’t feel quite so stalkerish admiring his adorbs lips. I guess I’m a cougar, what can I say. He actually kind of has similar features and facial expressions as Smith Jerrod, which makes any stalking even more OK. Just another sweet nod to Sex and the City. Kudos to you, CW.
smithIf you are doing some hard core Sunday lounging today and want some syrupy sweet, stress-free entertainment, check out this show online. The first three full episodes are available on the CW site here and the fourth new episode will air tomorrow at 8pm on the CW.

What do you think of the show? What other cute shows do you love?


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