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So, it’s only mid-January and I’m being a huge grouch! This is truly my least favorite month and I would be fine to skip it entirely. Since that is not going to happen {and to put a stop to my selfish grumbling}, I’ll just post a few pics of some delicious sunny destinations that we can all drool over together.
This cabana bed is where I would like to park my bum until April. Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Pic via.
A pitcher of margs, please. Grace Bay Club / Turks and Caicos. Photo via.

Would love to pitch my iPhone into this luscious water. “Puerto Vallarta, on Punta Negra Beach.” —Elizabeth Castro Gray (Courtesy HBarrison/Flickr). Article source.

On a random note, a co-worker just bought a personal light therapy box for these dark, dreary winter days. I’m now intrigued. Have you tried light therapy and what do you think? Also, do you take vacays to break up the winter?


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  1. ah… I used to go to tanning beds back in the day in the winter just for the light and the lovely fan blowing my body. For a few minutes I could trick myself into thinking it was sunlight and a warm breeze. I believe it worked for me. Other than the sun damage I am not loving now.
    does this light box omit UV?

  2. Channing, these images are making me yearn for warmer climates! Actually, every year around this time I start researching vacations. Just yesterday the boys and I were watching a Lonely Planet video all about Florida beaches.

    In fact, here’s that video now!

    I’d argue that February is even worse than January, for me anyway. At least in January, you’re getting over the holidays, just getting used to Winter. But by February, I’m more than done with winter. Spring feels so close, yet so… far…. away…..

    1. Love this video, thanks Ty! Just watching it makes me feel warmer. I actually love February because it’s short and it feels like Spring is right around the corner to me. … And everything is heart shaped. :) I hope you get to have a warm trip soon!!

  3. my biggest regret are the tanning bed years lol (as mentioned, I used it to make believe it was the sun but the damage is not worth it :) I have all the great symptoms of S.A.D. and have not seen day light for days (since getting out the door is an ordeal) but luckily- I stick to the gym at 7pm which is the only ‘good thing’ I feel ‘once I leave’. I mope every day about the weather- not sometimes :) I think January is my worst month ‘mentally’. I sort of see the light by Feb.

    1. The gym is truly the magic pill! I just haven’t quite been able to make it there more than a few times this month. I love Feb too and can’t wait for it!

  4. p.s.- I ate 3 english muffins with butter yesterday??? Can we say carb attack? I had nothing more exciting in the fridge so I attacked the english muffins and butter.

    1. Ha. This is hilarious. I love peanut butter + jelly english muffins. :D … And, yes, please give me a report on the light if you buy it! Post the results here too, if you want, for all to see!

  5. I would love to just take a quick vacay to somewhere warm! But with the kids being in school, the opportunity doesn’t present itself until Spring break. Which is March or April. Once our youngest gets a little older maybe we can start mini-vacay somewhere warm during the long weekend in Feb.

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