package tracking + brussels sprouts

I’m so excited my Erin Condren custom planner has finally arrived!
erin_condren_life_plannerI’ve been tracking this package daily since the moment it was shipped and had been checking the production status on the shop’s website since I ordered it in mid-December. Even though I knew the exact date and time it was estimated to be delivered, I still get such joy from tracking packages! I know a lot of my friends are also in love with package tracking. Are you the same way?

There are so many fun features and details in this planner that every page feels like a treat. I can’t wait to fully check it out this weekend and share the details and pics on the blog next week.

I was starving when I got home from my haircut last night {yay, shiny salon hair!}, so I made one of my favorite things – crispy Brussels sprouts.
brussels_sproutsThis is how my food looks when I am super hungry and throw delicious things together quickly. There are also some pine nuts and a few pieces of salmon in the mix.

New planner + haircut + crispy Brussels sprouts = best night ever.

This weekend we will hopefully wrap up all the de-Christmasing of the condo, so we can make room for all the hearts and roses coming our way with v-day. :)

What are you up to this weekend?

Have a great first weekend of the year! ♥channing

5 thoughts on “package tracking + brussels sprouts

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  1. The picture is such a ‘me’ meal :) I love doing (and I would also throw in salmon BUT not the pine nuts which look great!) I need a planner for 2013 BADLY. I’ll google yours. I’ve got all sorts of appts next few weeks all on post it notes. Not working for me.

  2. Jess would love that planner. She’s obsessed with them. I’ll have to look into it!

    And I would love your Brussels sprouts!

    I am a package-tracking freak too. I was bummed when I ordered my new Kindle Paperwhite in mid-November because it said I was going to have to wait until Dec. 24th for it. But then was pleasantly surprised when it showed up a few weeks early! I love my Kindle! I’m usually what we call in the publishing industry a “reluctant reader”, but I love fancy gadgets, so it’s getting me to read again!


    1. That is the best feeling when a package comes early! I also love my Kindle. It makes reading so much easier – way easier when traveling and even before going to sleep because it’s always on my bedside table!

      I will take pics of the inside of the planner for you (and Jess! :). It’s such a fun planner and you both would appreciate all the details and love that they put into designing it!!

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