asparagus and eggs

The word of the month is metabolism and I’m determined to get mine back on track. Over the past few days, I’ve been catching up on my fitness reading and have been reminded to eat within one hour of waking up and ideally within 30 minutes. I always eat breakfast, but I realized that I’ve been waiting way too long to eat. At least for the past few months, I’ve been waking up and chugging coffee while getting ready for work and not eating anything until about two hours after waking up. I’m changing that habit starting today.

eggs and asparagus cooking

One of the best things to get metabolism moving is protein and eggs are the perfect food anytime of the day. Pair them with complex carbs and you have the perfect meal. I grilled asparagus in a skillet with cooking spray over medium heat for about 6 minutes. Then I added in 1 whole egg and 3 egg whites and scrambled them while the asparagus finished cooking for the last couple minutes. I added a little salt and it was delicious.

eggs and asparagus plateI will hopefully see a change in energy levels in a couple weeks, if not a few days, just by eating breakfast earlier. When you wake up, you likely haven’t eaten in 8 to 12 hours and your bod is totally starved of energy (calories). It’s all in the name breakfast – breaking the fast! This is why I get a little crazy when people skip breakfast. It has to be the worst thing you can do to your bod. Though after taking a look at my own habits, I realized I needed to make a few adjustments of my own.

It also helps to actually have food in your house to be prepared for breakfast eating. One of the reasons I’ve been waiting until work to eat is a combination of waking up too late/rushing around in the morning and not making it to the grocery store on the weekends, leaving me with an empty fridge. Then I end up at Starbucks with a breakfast sandwich and latte in hand or in the office kitchen with a totally unsatisfying granola bar. But, that is an entirely separate post for another day. So … new year, new habits!


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  1. Yes! I love eggs and asparagus too. One of my favorite ways to prepare it ever since getting my sous vide machine a year ago is to cook the eggs in the shell at 140°F for an hour. Then roast the asparagus quickly in a hot toaster oven or saute like you did. Then dress them with a little honey-balsamic dressing and some crumbled walnuts, and then crack an egg or two right on top of the asparagus! The hour in the sous vide at 140 gets them cooked through, but leaves them creamy and loose (just like I like ’em!).

    Of course, this goes against the whole “eat within 30 minutes” thing, but I bet you could pre-cook them the night before and them just warm them in a bowl of hot water the next morning while the asparagus cooks. Hmmm…

    I was definitely feeling the need for a hearty-healthy breakfast this morning, so I cooked up my wintertime usual from last year… old fasioned oats (not instant) with walnuts, crasins, and maple syrup.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Ty, that sounds amazing!! Maybe a weekend meal for me when I am feeling loungey. I also love oats in the winter, yum!! Thanks for the tasty meal ideas! :D Happy New Year!

  2. I have asparagus every week (if not twice a week) and often saute them quickly with garlic olive oil , cut into pieces and make an omelette (I use one egg and egg whites you buy in a carton). Other times I throw it in my penne pasta once a week. Sometimes I eat it alone in 2 minutes. I love asparagus :)

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