new year’s eve: glam or cozy?

New Year’s Eve is the only night of the year I would consider wearing metallic gold skinny jeans and patent stilettos. And it’s probably the only night I could pull off a look like this in DC. But how hot is this?
gold skinny jeans
My preferred go-to night out garb is usually a cute little cocktail dress like this sassy asymmetrical piece.
drape dressBut, for some reason, I’m feeling more casual as the end of the year approaches. I’m thinking a fun, sparkly top and jeans or black pants. I’m thankful to have fab friends who throw a NYE shindig at their house that is also super close to our condo. I’ve always enjoyed smaller gatherings with close friends, so it’s absolutely perfect. We ring in the new year, then I can sneak off to my bed soon after.
gold sequin top
I’m curious, are you attending a huge blowout or glam gala where you’ll be wearing a red carpet ready look like this?
gold sequin dress
Or, are you having a super cozy night in with snugly lounge wear and a movie marathon?
juicy couture velour
Would love to hear about your glam or cozy night plans. I am all geared up for a fab year ahead and hope you are too. ♥channing

{ looks: metallic jeans / cocktail dress / sparkly top / glam gown / velour hoodie }

8 thoughts on “new year’s eve: glam or cozy?

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  1. For a long time I have enjoyed either staying at home with some bubbling and watching the NYE countdown shows or going to a friends house. This year we are going to my friends house for a casual party. I am torn as to dress up in this fun long sleeve gold sheath dress I got (was supposed to wear it to a fancy dinner my hubby and I were going to go which didn’t happen) or go more casual with jeans and a fun top.

  2. That black dress is very Channing~ I have chosen comfort past 5 yrs- black pants and skin showing top :)…Sparkles on the skin~~

  3. No clue what I’m wearing just yet BUT I love that your *sparkle* background perfectly reflects your NYE sense of style :) Coming to your blog feels like a celebration every day!

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