new year jump start

We are a mere ten days into December and I already feel that I have a holiday hangover. Maybe this is due to the insanely early appearance of every holiday over the past few months. Perhaps it’s because I also bought into all of it. I just can’t help it. I seriously get excited about the holidays. But, even if I exercised total resolve and discipline, would I still be able to escape the allure of it all?

While I remember feeling a bit sad when I saw sparkly Christmas ornaments in Crate & Barrel in early October, I also started burning autumn candles and drinking pumpkin spice lattes on Labor Day weekend. I bought peppermint vanilla hand soap the first week of November. We started experimenting with the most delicious eggnog recipes in our kitchen a full month ago. And, I’ve been eating Christmas cookies for breakfast all month.

At this pace, it’s only natural to start thinking about New Year’s Goals. Some New Year ideas have been popping up in my head and slowly developing over the past few days. Then, with such perfect timing, I was greeted with the new InStyle January 2013 magazine in the mail this weekend. This is Your Year! 2013!

I immediately panicked. I wondered how much my January 1, 2013 self would appreciate my December 10, 2012 self eating mounds of white sugar and flour for breakfast and skipping the gym for two months. My future self would not be amused.

So, I decided today to start implementing a few healthy things back into my life to prep for the New Year. I’m hardly doing anything new, but I’m trying to regain healthy habits from earlier in the year that I’ve seemed to toss out the window “because it’s the holidays!“. I don’t want to deprive myself of any fabulous holiday joy this month, but I also don’t want to wake up in January feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck.

My New Year Prep involves a few tweaks:
1) Replace cookie/pastry/random office kitchen food breakfast with healthy breakfast of eggs/oatmeal/Greek yogurt, etc.
2) Replace afternoon eggnog/gingerbread/peppermint mocha latte with organic green tea.
3) Replace late night t.v. vegging with more sleep; eight hours when possible.
4) Replace take-out and delivery obsession (“because it’s cold and dark“) with a bittersweet reunion with the grocery store … and fresh vegetables.
5) Replace weeknight wine (“because it’s cold and dark“) with decaf tea, such as my new favorite holiday teas: candy cane lane and sugar cookie sleigh ride. They are delicious.
6) Reunite with the gym, 2-3 times a week. There is a lot going on and this is a realistic number.

Look, ladies and gents, this does not mean I will be a Grinch at events, parties, brunches, outings, etc. I am still absolutely loving the holidays, eagerly awaiting the arrival of our holiday cards, dying to bake up some cookies and share them. And I am so excited about all the parties coming up and our tree decorating this weekend! What I’m doing now is managing the situation before damage control is necessary. If you like this idea or are joining in with a little NYPrep of your own, please let me know in the comments! :)

Have a fab day. ♥channing

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  1. I am seriously stressing that I will be away from my gym for 2 weeks. Even if I eat well, I will gain weight without going to the gym. Add holiday eating and forget it. Since I had a bad few days of eating and going less days to the gym the past 2 weeks. I have decided that until we leave for NOVA (which is next weds), I will go to the gym or run outside everyday until then and I will eat better. While in NOVA I will try to do something active 3-4 days a week (run outside, quick circuit workouts) and really not overindulge. Hopefully, I will come back the same weight I left :)

  2. My minimum gym is twice a week which I’m able to do all year round. There is nothing wrong with twice a week over ‘nothing’. I should be doing 3 but again 2 is better than zero. Though I’ll never give up a glass of wine with dinner, I do drink peppermint or ginger tea every night as ‘dessert’ (Traditional Medicines Organic Peppermint and Ginger are my faves) I even got my husband into this (he likes Peppermint :) I’ve also signed us up for CROSSFIT free class January 2013 to add something that hurts. Meanwhile, Enjoy the month of December…2013 will come SOON ENOUGH!

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