four fave pink grapefruit goodies!

grapefruit_goodiesMy new favorite thing is Burt’s Bees refreshing lip balm with pink grapefruit. Kind of obsessed. This little lip-softening nugget has inspired me to share a few other pink grapefruit goodies that I adore.

{1} Body butter – this stuff literally melts into dry winter skin. It’s amazing. I’m halfway through the mango scent at the moment, but this one is next on the list. The texture of this body butter is the best I’ve ever used. Absolutely perfect.

{2} Lip balm – cannot live without it. The scent is bright, luscious and so refreshing. The texture is like buttery velvet for your lips.

{3} All-purpose cleaner – makes cleaning yummy. It’s no secret that cleaning is last on my list of fun things to do, but I seriously always look forward to using this spray all over the house. Watch out sugar cookie baking mess.

{4} Candle – sublime. I am not only addicted to buying candles, but I constantly have one burning. This is a perfect kitchen candle, as it’s not overwhelming to anything baking, and also provides perfect ambiance for a loungey online shopping marathon session.

I love grapefruit during the holidays. It reminds me of the huge box of citrus we used to get shipped to us from sunny Florida from my granny. :) Everything during the holidays smells utterly divine, especially with a nice cocktail of different scents. Pine, cranberry, marzipan, gingerbread, yum, yum, yum. Enjoy! ♥c

4 thoughts on “four fave pink grapefruit goodies!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new background! I might have to go get the lip balm and body butter. It has been years since I used it. When I was living in Germany I remember they had a honey scent that they didn’t sell here in the States. It was so nice!

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