sweet clementines

I rarely lounge around watching television and eating candy on the couch, but that is exactly what I did on Halloween night and it was great. We bought Twix and Rolos for the kiddies but no kiddies arrived. So, I enjoyed these fine candy treats with some red wine and it was quite the pairing. We also indulged in a marathon of fun Halloween themed shows which was a nice treat.

However, I’m now experiencing the “piles of Halloween candy everywhere you look dilemma“. It’s fine when it’s candy you don’t like – candy corn, for example, which has always kind of creeped me out because of its odd candleish consistency. Tootsie Rolls, on the other hand, I love dearly and there were piles of them at work yesterday. Then piles of wrappers in my garbage can.

After a couple days of candy overload, I was starting to feel kind of gross. When I found a bag of sweet clementines in my kitchen early this morning, I felt like it was Christmas. I had forgotten that I bought these in pre-storm prep. They are the absolute perfect post-Halloween candy and Sandy wine and cheese overindulgence detox food. If you are finding yourself surrounded with Halloween candy at every turn, help your future holiday season bod by indulging in a big bag of these sweet treats.

On a Halloweeney side note, I tried to watch American Horror Story last night (by myself) and I got about 20 seconds into the clips from the previous week and got totally freaked out and changed the channel immediately. Sorry Marisol, I know you love it, but I’m a huge wimp. :) The scariest show I can do is 666 Park Avenue, which is amazing by the way.

Have a sweet weekend. ♥c

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  1. I started watching American Horror story last year. It has just the right amount of strange, bizarre, risqué’ and twisted humor to keep you on the edge of your seat. Love the new asylum setting this year with many of the same actors playing new roles. It was a hoot seeing Adam Levine guest-star.

    Clementines definitely trump candy corn! :-D

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