glossybox, my new love

I’ve been a big fan and subscriber of Birchbox for nearly a year and a half. A few months ago, I started becoming unimpressed with the box. The samples seemed to be getting smaller and less relevant to me each month and I was just no longer excited about it. When the excitement stops, it’s time to move on.

There are so many beauty delivery companies available now to choose from. However, longing for more customized and higher end products, my only choice was to upgrade. I had heard about Glossybox earlier this year and knew it was time to check it out.

Fab decision. The box is almost twice as large as Birchbox and way sexier. It’s lined with a luscious, glossy paper and I would never think of throwing this sturdy pink gem in the recycle bin. The samples are huge and are ultra luxe brands. The boxes are $21 for a month-to-month deal and I’m excited to try out a few more boxes to see what kind of goodies they deliver.

My favorite feature is that the products are customized to the client. I love the Coconut Shea Souffle for my dry skin and the B.B. Cream for my exact skin tone. It’s all quite delicious.

The “spa luxe” October 2012 Glossybox is shown above and the “fall forward” September 2012 Glossybox is below. Definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a yummy upgrade. Get yours here. ♥channing

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  1. I agree. I have been underwhelmed by birchbox lately. They’ve also been sending lots of things that do not math my skin tone (complete waste). Maybe it’s time to upgrade?

    1. Yes, me too! A lot of samples never matched my skin and there was so much random stuff – like the neon earbuds and travel razor. Glossybox is a fun treat. I’ll try a couple more boxes just to see what comes, but I think I’ll eventually tire of them all. I would love to select my own samples from a bunch of items each month – that would be my ideal product box! :)

  2. ooh this one looks good– I see bamboo in there! yum! You had told me about an organic version of birchbox a while back– is this the one? I’m almost all the way switched over to natural/organic prods so birchbox is not an option for me. thats what has kept me away- the quality of ingredients that I have no control over.

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