pay yourself first

Happy Friday everyone! I want to share a “real life moment” with you because I’ve recently had a stark reminder of what happens when you forget about yourself. I think most people can relate to this on some level and a reminder of this wonderful concept is totally necessary from time to time.

Pay yourself first. These words have been running through my head for the past six weeks. My dad taught me this concept as a teenager in the context of personal finance. Take a cut of your income for yourself first for personal savings or investments before you start paying living and other expenses.

Of course the concept can be applied to many other aspects of life. Most recently for me, it was general health and wellness.

There is a particular project at work that consumes me completely each spring and fall for 6-8 weeks. I live and breath this project because there is a lot riding on it, there is an unbelievable amount of work that goes into it, and I have a huge perfectionism complex to boot. As a result of putting this project first before myself, many things in my life suffer including relationships with fiancé, friends and family. I also put myself through gruelingly long days that result in chest pains, back pain, unhealthy eating, little sleep, and complete and utter exhaustion in order to reach the finish line.

Two things I lost during all of this were my sense of self and any sort of life balance. My method of tunnel vision until the goal was complete may not have been the most healthy, but that was how I survived, although at a hefty cost to my health. Even now, a couple weeks after the end of it all, I still don’t quite feel like myself. I briefly forgot this golden life rule that is so crucial to survival, wellness and happiness. Pay yourself first.

In tough times, do you remember to pay yourself first before freely distributing your time and energy to everything else? Do you eat well, exercise, get enough sleep and treat yourself to your own smalls joys in life before giving all of yourself to the world? What are your methods?

It’s important to pay yourself first because surely nobody else will take the time to do it for you. Have a great weekend and remember to do something for yourself and never feel guilty about it. It’s selfish not to.


8 thoughts on “pay yourself first

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    1. I know you can! :) ‘Paying yourself first’ and balancing motherhood is an entirely separate challenge!! I’m always impressed with you – smile on your face and always looking fab!! xo

  1. It is so hard, but it is essential to be happy.
    I suffer from guilt when I put myself first. In the end though its a win win for the people around me because I am so much better to be around! I am currently putting myself first right now by sitting on the couch with a heating pad on a bum quad. I was going to clean but then I decided I needed a moment because this month has just been so crazy with after school activities and the last few weeks of training for mudder. I haven’t had much down time at all. Thank you for posting this! It’s a good thing to be reminded of.

    1. I agree with you! It is a win win when you feel your best and can be your best self around others! You definitely deserve it especially now with all the training you’ve been doing!! xo

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