{guest post!} fall shoe fun!

Happy Friday! It’s fall, it’s gorgeous outside, there is pumpkin-everything all around and I couldn’t be happier! Everyone has been asking ‘where have you been lately?’. Well, let’s just say for the past month I’ve either been in my office ridiculously long hours, at Starbucks or sleeping. Now that I’ve closed the door on that project, I appreciate my free time more than I could ever imagine.

I’m so glad to be back on the blog and even more excited to bring you a fall-tastic guest post from Katie at Py in the Sky! I hope you have a fabulous weekend and enjoy this scrumptious fall weather! ♥Channing

p.s., this guest post was originally written near the first day of Fall and I’m happy to be able to feature it now as the first post after my re-emergence! :)

Take it away Katie! …

Ahhhh, fall. Although summer is officially my favorite time of year, fall is my fave fashion time of year. It’s not just that I’m glad to say goodbye to people wearing short shorts who clearly shouldn’t be. Perhaps the most significant reason I love fall fashion is boots. Glorious, glorious boots. I have been wearing them for years and years, so you can imagine my excitement over the veritable boot explosion over the past few years.

Although I wholeheartedly support boot lovin’, let’s not forget about all the beautiful non-boot shoes that appear in the fall. I’m particularly psyched for the re-emergence of chunky heels. Remember those from the 90s? Not only are they cute, they also provide stability for us klutzy people. Perfect shoe. *Swoon*

Recently I walked into a boutique clothing store with my hubby and he said, “Wow everything in here is so… so… you.” You know why? Because the entire store reeked of 90s fashion. I really adore retro clothing in general. And if you think about it, 90s fashion is currently retro, and is rather reminiscent of 70s fashion, so it’s kind of double-retro right now. Double win.

Anyway, I digress. I’m really digging the bold styles and colors to update the classic chunky/platform-y/wedge-y heels.

Plus, the little tweaks to old favorites (both 90s and even earlier) such as the Mary Jane/t-strap. The snappy colors are fantastic, but really, I’m just all about straps. Combine the straps with another weakness, the wedge, and I’m sold.

My age-old obsession with wedges has been fed to a sick degree this summer. I’m glad to see some fall options carrying on the summer trend, some in non-traditional fall colors like this luscious teal.

Sure, you could skip the color and opt for the classic black or grey. But why not spice it up a bit with a little sparkle and glam? The block heels just beg for some girly details.

I hope you revel in the funky, chunky retro styles this fall as much as I will. I need to make a shoe budget and actually stick with it. But come on, we all deserve a little splurge now and then, right?

And as my husband pointed out, with this year’s offerings being like taking a look into my closet, I’ll be incredibly in fashion… for about three months. But for those few months, you can bet I’ll be living it up.

Where to find: 1) black + white; 2) blue suede; 3) tangerine; 4) red patent; 5) teal; 6) glitter!

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