italian power omelette

Welcome to the refreshed food section of Channingosity! I am so excited to start sharing posts with a new focus on healthy recipes, snacks, and prep ideas.

The sometimes indulgent and rich recipes over the past year have been so much fun, but I must say that all the indulgences have started catching up with me! Maybe some of you feel the same way after a long, hot, lazy summer full of sugary margaritas by the pool, cheeseburgers on the grill and too many ice cream treats. I’m definitely ready to feel healthier, better and more energetic this fall.

Recent conversations with friends and family about trying to eat healthfully in daily life have also inspired me to create a library of healthy, quick and straightforward recipes. Whenever possible, I’ll include shortcuts in recipes for those days you are low on time. Most of the time, I’m running late so I am often inventing my own shortcuts which I’m excited to share with you. I know everyone has a busy life and quick and easy is the goal here.

I’m often snapping photos with my iPhone moments before I eat and the photos you see are really what I’m eating. It’s not styled food photography and it might not always be the prettiest thing you’ve seen, but it’s real food. Simple, easy, healthy and real!

The goal for myself is to regain my own healthy food routine through these posts and conversations with you. I hope you’ll join me in my healthy eating and comment often on your own experiences!

And … now to a healthy breakfast recipe!

Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day. I get super grouchy if I don’t have something within an hour of waking up. It also has to be the right type of food. I can’t just eat only carbs or I’ll be ravenous within an hour. I try to mix a healthy amount of lean protein with some complex carbs.

You’re going to see a lot of egg recipes on the blog because eggs are awesome and I eat them most days of the week. They are cheap, good protein and so great for the bod.

Italian Power Omelette
{serves 1}

3 egg whites
1 whole egg
2 small vine tomatoes
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
Spices: oregano, basil, black pepper, cayenne pepper {optional}
1 garlic clove {shortcut: garlic powder}
3 tbsp low-fat shredded mozzarella cheese
Cooking spray
Large skillet + small skillet

Add the egg whites and whole egg in a small bowl and set aside. Dice the tomatoes into little cubes. Mince the garlic clove. Add olive oil in the small skillet over medium-low heat. Add in the garlic and sauté until the garlic starts to turn a golden color and becomes fragrant. Add in the diced tomatoes and spices. Sauté on very low heat and stir occasionally.

Spray large skillet with cooking spray and set to medium heat. Beat the eggs in the bowl with a fork, and pour into heated skillet. Cook over medium to medium-low until mixture begins to firm up. If excess liquid remains on top, lift up one side of omelette and allow egg to spread under the cooked section and cook further. Once all liquid has firmed, use two spatulas to carefully flip.

Cook for an additional minute on the second side. Turn the heat off and add the cheese to the middle of the cooked open omelette. Fold the right side over to cover the left side to form a half moon omelette. Top with the hot sautéed tomatoes and a few additional sprinkles of cheese. Enjoy!

• Skip the fresh garlic mincing & sautéing and add garlic powder in with the spice mix.
• Skip the omelette waiting time and go for a scramble instead. Scrambled eggs cook a lot more quickly. Add in the cheese at the very end of cooking, then turn heat off.
• If you are seriously low on time, but still want an Italian flavor at breakfast, skip the fresh tomato step and heat up low-sodium marinara sauce, add in your own additional spices, and top your omelette with the sauce.
• Use 2 egg whites if not so hungry.
• Note: I cooked this particular omelette in a medium skillet and it got a bit crispy! A large skillet will cook more evenly on a lower heat.

Have a healthy day!


11 thoughts on “italian power omelette

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  1. this made me smile…I ordered this often for breakfast in the past two weeks (though I pushed it and left out the cheese because I was eating so much cheese with wine country tastings :) These are the ingredients I love in my omelete along with spinach or any veggies available. (At home I do one egg and egg whites) Now Im hungry just talking about this.

    1. I don’t know how I miss all these comments, but I’m seeing them now! :) Eggs are so delicious and kind of like the perfect food – delicious, cheap, super healthy!

  2. Yes! I’ve been working on my omelet technique lately since, well, we’re getting a lot more eggs since getting backyard chickens! (We give them organic feed to keep the eggs organic.) I was having a heck of a time getting the omelets to work right, because the non-stick coating on my skillet had started to go. Bought a new omelet pan for 13 bucks, and it’s been smooth sailing ever since! The trick, for me, is keeping the heat low enough that the eggs don’t stiffen up too much.

    1. @Iron Cupcake Design Did you buy one of those new OrGreenic “green” ceramic non-stick pans? I was thinking of buying one because my Cephalon pan is shot but not sure if they’re all hype or not.

  3. here’s MY shortcut- I chop spinach the night before and keep it in a bowl, so in the morning I can just dump it in the pan on my eggbeaters w/some feta and take it to work. because I’m always late :)

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