happy fall, pumpkin lattes + hello again!

Happy September! I’m so glad to be back and excited that my prime season is here. September and October are my favorite months of the year. The smoldering summer months have come to an end and it’s time for loads of spicy, savory and sweet fall goodness!

The moment Labor Day has passed, it’s officially the beginning of fall for me … even though we have a few more weeks to go until the season is truly here. Fall product marketing, September magazines arriving early, and my love for autumn food all contribute to my welcoming an early fall with open arms.

I usually overdose on pumpkin-everything during fall, so I try to consume it in moderation in September so I am not in a pumpkin coma when October arrives. However, I could barely contain my excitement when I realized the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte has been released in stores this week. I had to put aside my overdosing concerns and celebrate the arrival of this monumentally delicious seasonal treat immediately.

But, darlings, keep in mind that this tasty pumpkin pie in a cup is not a hot bod food without a few adjustments. Starbucks has a lovely latte nutrition calculator on their site to help you adjust your beverage accordingly. For my first pumpkin latte of the season, I chose the grande, nonfat milk, no whipped cream variety and it was still super rich in flavor, texture and sweetness. The high carb count and silky rich texture both come from the thick pumpkin spice syrup. It’s actually so syrupy sweet that my next modification is to cut the syrup in half when ordering. Half the sugar yet still getting the spicy sweet flavor I so love.

The latte was scrumptious and the perfect welcome to September. The flavors and aroma get me geared up for crisp fall days, baking apple pies, taking long bike rides and enjoying gorgeous bright blue skies only seen in the fall. I’m also super geared up for another season of blogging. My goal is to share some healthy and delicious recipes, reveal some of my favorite beauty indulgences and inspire you {and me!} to reach a state of improved wellness, fitness and health!

Happy early Fall! I can’t wait to share all sorts of deliciousness with you! ♥c

{p.s., I’m still polishing up the site, design, and pages, so bear with me! xo}

8 thoughts on “happy fall, pumpkin lattes + hello again!

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  1. Yay fall!! I tend to take my coffee unsweetened, but I’m a sucker for a Pumpkin Latte! (And the gingerbread latte in the winter!) I never thought to ask for half the syrup though— Brilliant! They are usually too sweet for me, so I’ll have to try that. Yay!

  2. I just had a skinny pumpkin spice frap and you are soo right too sweet. I should have followed your advice from the get go, but I figure it might be different with the frap. I will ask for half next time. Also, do you know if they offer the pumpkin syrup in sugarless?

    1. Interesting! Never thought of a cold pumpkin drink, like frap! Yum. Looks like CC answered the syrup question. I tend to stay away from the SF syrups because I don’t know how they are made and how many chemicals are in the mix.

  3. Starbucks doesn’t have the SF pumpkin spice syrup but it’s an active idea on their “My Starbucks Idea” reader board. You can go to that page, enter ‘sugar free pumpkin spice’ in the “search ideas” field, and when it pops up, vote THUMBS UP! Maybe if enough people vote, we can make it happen.

    1. I’m sure eventually it will catch on if enough people request, but the half-syrup version I got this week was really good. I think of it as *a treat*. Another huge reason I stay away from any SF products is that they actually cause weight gain. You are better off having a little bit of real sugar balanced with protein {the skim milk in the latte} than consuming sugar free products. See this article on Livestrong on the subject: http://www.livestrong.com/article/545443-do-sugar-free-drinks-cause-your-body-to-release-insulin/

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