best summer sandwich + funny birds

This is the best sandwich I’ve had all summer. I went out to grab lunch last week on a sweltering day. It always feels amazing to roast outside for a few minutes after being in a super cold place. There is an awesome sandwich shop a few minutes away and they have the biggest, freshest most delish sandwiches ever. But, they now have a special new sandwich that is everything I love about summer all in one drool worthy package.

The Summer House Sandwich: heirloom tomatoes, avocado, sprouts, pepper jack cheese, celery salt, and basil mayo on toasted multigrain bread. I want to share this goodness with you if this type of thing gets you excited. It looks easy to make. The basil mayo might be tricky, but I would probably just use hummus in place of it.

Then there were these birds. They just flew up to my picnic table as I was eating and let me take their photo. They were staring at each other, mouths gaping open, each totally infatuated with the other one.

Then they moved on and started looking for some new action.

This sandwich is the reason I love summer. Give it a try. Have a great day! ♥c

4 thoughts on “best summer sandwich + funny birds

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  1. Now I so want one of those for lunch! Those birds were hoping you’d accidentally-on-purpose drop some crumbs. :-)

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