the winner: celebratory french toast!

French toast won by a landslide! When I took a poll last week on what our first new home Sunday breakfast should be, I was blown away by the cult-like following of french toast! In my mind, french toast and pancakes are kind of on the same level in the world of breakfast food. But, I was totally schooled!

Our friend Doug proclaimed: “French Toast. Pancakes are comfort food (and darn good comfort food). French Toast is celebratory!”. I love the idea of certain foods as celebratory, so I named this post accordingly. And my friend Amanda voted for cheese. Just cheese. :) Which has me already thinking of the next food poll!

{This challah loaf was fresh out of the oven from Whole Foods and was seriously luscious. It was basically the food equivalent of a fluffy cloud.}

{Butter, heavy whipping cream, whole eggs, and more butter are what this little toast is made of.}

I used the french toast recipe linked in last week’s post and the only change I made was doubling the vanilla. It was rich, delicious and definitely an indulgent breakfast. The challah bread was seriously amazing and smelled like heaven. The only place we found it was Whole Foods and it had literally been baked ten minutes before we bought it. When I say “we”, I mean John as he was out on a Starbucks run while I was at home searching for the skillet and measuring cups and calling grocery stores for proof of challah bread. (thank you ♥)

I’m still on a mission to achieve the ultimate french toast recipe with multigrain bread. I’ve always preferred its hearty texture and complex flavors. Even with pancakes, I crave the multigrain varieties, especially buckwheat. I’m already getting jittery with excitement thinking of fall baking! Stay tuned for all sorts of goodness.

Are you making anything delicious this weekend, breakfast or any time of the day? Have a great one! ♥c

P.S., Here is a totally impromptu recipe from November for snoozy cinnamon french toast + blueberry compote + bacon. With the quick swap to a different type of bread, this is one of my favorites.

13 thoughts on “the winner: celebratory french toast!

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  1. Mmmmmm.

    We’re doing waffles this weekend for Jess’s birthday month. (Yes, she celebrates the whole month.)

    1. I actually doubled the vanilla in the recipe (which I just added in post!) but will definitely use nutmeg next time!! I still want to try those olive oil pancakes! :D

  2. this post is killing me..I love pancakes, french toast and waffles so much (no one would know this about me :) and its the one thing I just dont want to do for myself. Maybe I’ll tackle this negative attitude for this category. ‘What to make for dinner’ takes up enough of my energy. Maybe I’ll assign this category to my husband :)

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