nancy meyers: cozy movies

It’s Complicated, Something’s Gotta Give and The Holiday are three of my favorite movies. I can watch them over and over and immediately want to watch them again. The decor, the music, the food, the dialogue. It’s all so delicious. I love being in the worlds created in these movies. I enjoyed finding this Q&A describing Nancy Meyers, the writer and director of all three movies and so many more, as a decorating buff and learning more about her detailed process of creating the perfect sets. Total dream job. It’s only August 1st and I’m already wishing for a cold Sunday winter afternoon, some coffee and fresh croissants, and a cozy movie marathon. Do you have a Nancy Meyers favorite? What is your all time favorite cozy comfort movie? ♥c

{p.s.: Here is a really lovely collection of photos of the beach house in Something’s Gotta Give.}

{the food always looks scrumptious. image} {the decor (photo far above) is gorgeous, yet totally liveable. image}

{the warm lighting makes me want to jump into this scene. image}

{this is how I feel at the thought of a movie marathon, not to mention Diaz’s pool and automatic bedroom blinds in this house from The Holiday. image}

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  1. OMG – Chan we are total soul sistas. I heart those movies to and can watch them over and over again…I am such a sucker for a happy ending! Will have to read the Q&A!

  2. I LOVED It’s Complicated. Loved it! The scene with Alec Baldwin on the web cam is priceless. Or how about when Steve Martin, Meryl Streep, and John Krasinski getting high at the house party? Couldn’t. Stop. Laughing! Plus it made Jess and I want to open a bakery. :)

  3. No need to wait for a cold winter day… how about a stifling hot/humid/sweltering summer day chillin’ indoors in the AC, drinking iced coffee stirred with cinnamon sticks, and watching one wonderful DVD right after another? Sounds glorious!

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