r+r: how do you recharge?

During the past couple weeks, I’ve lost my regular routine of a good night’s sleep, healthy eating and exercise. I’ve been pushing myself hard to get unpacked and get the new condo to feel like a home. This is all after a 2+ month whirlwind of condo searching and buying, packing, moving, trying to get settled, then finding myself utterly exhausted. I haven’t felt like myself lately and I really miss my healthy routine.

Last night, after a very clumsy episode with a cup of coffee, I realized it was time to slow down and recharge my battery.

Step 1 of this process: PJs and bed at 9:30 with the August issue of Allure Magazine. I read it cover to cover last night and loved every minute of it. Kate Beckinsale rocks. If I could do this every night this week with a new mag, I would be in total bliss.

Another trick that always makes me feel relaxed is the smell of Green Rootine Silkening Creme by Jonathan. It has spearmint leaf oil and it’s such a soothing scent. I usually apply a moisturizing cream or oil treatment to the ends of my hair each night and I used this last night before snuggling up in bed. Every time I moved while reading, I would get a little burst of calming, minty aromatherapy.

Despite good intentions of getting eight hours sleep, I still woke up at 4:30 this morning with no hope of going back to sleep. I caught up on a favorite DVR’d show with coffee and wrote a few thank you notes. I think it will take a while to completely relax in the new place, but it will happen eventually.

Some people recharge by being around others and other people recharge by being totally alone. I am the latter. I need to be alone with a book, movie, wine or a nice nap – something that allows me to completely unwind and relax. Which one are you?

How do you recharge? What are your tips and tricks?

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4 thoughts on “r+r: how do you recharge?

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  1. Moving really messes you up. When we move the first thing that goes out the window is working out and eating well. So I ALWAYS gain weight!! I am glad you took time to yourself to recharge. Like you I am an alone recharger. Anytime we go away whether it be with the kids or without them I never recharge. I recharge best with a day that starts out with a workout and then lounging and reading or watching a marathon of bravo shows :)

    1. Oh I love your description of your best day! :) Sounds perfect!! I went to Whole Foods for lunch and got some yummy whole grain salmon/avocado sushi and already feel a million times better! xo

  2. My favorite way to recharge is working in the garden. I actually love the physical exertion of lifting 50 lb. bags of mulch or Miracle-Gro garden soil; digging in the earth; creating spaces of beauty with flowers and shrubs or visualizing how the new tree I just planted will look in 5 or 10 years. After a few hours of that, I’m rarin’ to go!

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