day glow chocolate mojito

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was ultra tasty. We had several groups of friends come over throughout the weekend to shower us with champagne and get the tour of the new place – love our friends! We did some dinnering and a lot of unpacking along the way. Made awesome progress and our place is starting to come together nicely.

If you’re already planning your evening cocktail, may I suggest this delicious treat I had on Saturday night at Co Co. Sala? The Co Cojito: chocolate infused vodka / fresh mint & limes / dark chocolate flakes. It seems rather labor intensive for a week night with all the chocolate shavings, but I’m sure you could skip that step and it would still be amazing. And, OK, the drink is not really day-glow green, but they have super dark mood lighting in the restaurant and I had to use the color-murdering flash. If you’re up for the chocolatey challenge, this recipe looks like a great place to start.

I’m also fixating on the chocolate snakeskin placemat. Does anyone know exactly where to find these? A recent Google search left me feeling highly dissatisfied.

Enjoy. ♥c

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  1. coco sala is quite special. very unique drinks. they probably know where to get a chocolate snakeskin placemat!!

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