french toast or pancakes? a poll!

OK, important question! What should our first loungey Sunday morning meal be in the new place? The Best French Toast You’ll Ever Have from A Cup of Jo or Olive Oil Blueberry Pancakes from A Cozy Kitchen? Please take the poll below and choose your favorite! If you have a delish recipe, choose ‘other’ and leave the link or info in the comments section. I’ll whip up the winning breakfast this weekend and share pics next week! ♥c

*Update! See the winner here!*

3 thoughts on “french toast or pancakes? a poll!

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  1. Channing, you are speaking my LANGUAGE! Wow, both those recipes look super good. I’ve been making more pancakes than french toast recently because A) the wife isn’t a big fan of eggy consistencies (despite endeavoring to raise her own eggs—go figure) and B) I rarely think ahead enough to get a nice loaf of bread to use. But when I DO make french toast, my favorite is definitely challah. It gives the toast an almost custard-like consistency. Oh man, you’ve got my mouth watering. So I voted for the french toast.

    That pancake recipe looks great too! Though, I immediately find myself mistrusting someone who’s trying to give up butter. I tend to think the white flour is worse for you than butter, but nevermind that. Here’s a trick I learned for pancakes that always results in a lighter fluffier result: with whatever recipe you’re making, whisk the egg whites separately (with an egg beater or kitchenaid) to just barely soft peaks, then combine with the other wet ingredients (yolks, buttermilk, butter, whatev…) and THEN gently combine with the dry ingredients. It forces a whole set of micro bubbles into the batter and makes it rise up nice and fluffy.

    Bon Appetit!

    1. Tyler, you are a culinary genius!! I’m definitely bookmarking your pancake tip, especially for the upcoming fall pancake season! :) The french toast won by a landslide, so I’ll make that this weekend and get a big juicy loaf of challah!

      Regarding the olive oil, my logic is that this was originally a José Andrés recipe. I love José and I feel he can do no wrong! I’m 100% biased. But I’ve heard of olive oil breads and cakes, so I’m excited to try this one day!

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