the inner martha + foyer tables

Being a new home owner has unleashed a furious, nearly obsessive, need to get organized. I’ve downloaded a huge collection of organization and cleaning lists from Martha’s site and I’m determined to find a place for everything. My current fixation is to find an awesome foyer table to house a couple key dishes and a sleek mail receptacle. The keys and mail on the kitchen counter are literally driving me mad.

In our last place, we used the West Elm tall butler tray stand in the entryway, shown above. I love this piece, but I want to use it in a more traditional way to display a fine bottle of scotch with a set of glasses or to break out the bubbly when guests arrive with a set of flutes. I’ve been searching for a few ideas. Which one do you like or do you have a fave in your home? Please share! ♥c

{ultra minimalism}

{rustic chic}

{pop of color}

{stately elegance}

{mod art}

3 thoughts on “the inner martha + foyer tables

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  1. I kinda like the first one! We have a 2 tiered table that came with a matching mirror we got in Europe. I put a small metal nickel tray that would be the area for keys. We use the garage to go in and out so unfortunately, our entry table doesn’t end up being a staging area. I would love a staging area by our garage, but the hallway is to narrow, so my purse lives on the formal dining room table or in the closet by the garage door lol. Good Luck on your search!

  2. Your table sounds perfect! So funny that you never use it. If our condo could always look like a magazine photo shoot, I would be so happy. :)

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