weekend goodies 7.23

Happy Monday! This weekend was all about getting organized and tasting local treats. We had a lovely rainy Saturday brunch at our our closest neighborhood restaurant. I was so excited about this enormous cup of coffee to start off the day, not to mention discovering $5 mimosas on their weekend menu! Definitely a must-do to celebrate when the unpacking is finished.

After brunch, I headed out for a day of errands. I always look forward to the endless treasures at Target, so I saved that for the last stop after a long list of other errands. I don’t know if it was the rain, the cooler temperatures, or that I’ve now moved away from this hidden gem in my old neighborhood, but I was craving a cupcake from Bakeshop in Arlington. It’s off the main drag and has the best cupcakes in Clarendon. This one was a dark chocolate cake with scrumptious cream cheese icing and it totally made my day of rainy errands one million times better.

I had such a great surprise when I got home after being out all day – a watermelon knife! The Fiancé so sweetly took note of my wish for a proper watermelon knife after I sliced off a bit of my finger when sawing into the jumbo fruit a couple weeks ago. The finger has healed nicely and I cannot wait to test out this hard core (and adorable) tool! By the way, it’s on sale now here. Have you tried this knife and do you love it?

Sunday was a mixture of lazy day and productivity. The first half of the day was definitely lazy after having a blast at a wine party on Saturday night and catching up with friends. After a rejuvenating afternoon nap, I completely organized my bathroom and it feels great to have everything in place! After we could clean and unpack no more, we finally got to check out out the premiere episode of Newsroom on HBO On Demand and loved it. I am semi-obsessed with Olivia Munn (pic via) so I cannot wait until her character is on the show. Have you watched Newsroom and what do you think?

Have a great day!

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    1. Yes! The cutest drawer liner that I’ll use in my bathroom and a Michael Graves cleaning product caddy with a built-in paper towel holder. Love it! Also bought a few Method products that I’m super excited about, especially the mint scented glass cleaner to replace the ammonia scented Windex! I’m so excited about these things, I might do a Target post! :)

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