the leisure report! 7.19 (moving day edition!)

Hello there! I promise I’ll get back to some normal, non-moving posts next week, but I have one final moving week post for you! It’s kind of taken over my life, hence has taken over the blog. Enjoy! xo

Although we still have half of our kitchen at the old place, due to often choosing socializing and cocktailing over packing, I managed to pack an “essentials bag” for our first night at the new condo. In all the chaos, this simple move really made me proud and so happy when it came to getting some R+R the first night at the new place.

This bag contained a set of our favorite sheets, two sets of our most lush towels, and a bar of Dove soap. This lovely bag ensured we could do the two most basic and essential things after moving and sweating all day: hot shower and cozy sleep.

However, I realized that I completely neglected some major things in the “essentials bag” category. Here are a few more treats I would have loved in my bag!

Hand soap + paper towels. The first thing I wanted to do the moment we arrived at the new condo on Monday with the movers was to wash my hands. And there was no soap! It’s so ironic because I am kind of a hoarder of hand soap. I remembered packing loads of hand soap: multiple holiday scents of Bath & Body Works soaps, several Method soaps, random brands from online shopping orders, and this yummy Origins Ginger Hand Cleanser. This should probably be the first thing you bring to any new home during the first visit.

Hand + body moisturizer. My hands look like I got in an alley fight right now. I have scrapes and cuts I can’t explain and my skin is horrendously dry. I just found my fresh brown sugar hand cream and felt like total royalty. Its rich lemon sugary goodness soothes my sliced and diced hands and provides some yummy aromatherapy right before bedtime. On the other hand, all of my body lotions are MIA at the moment and my dry skin is shriveling as I write this. Crossing fingers that I find my stash soon. There is no doubt moisturizing is an essential.

Bobby pins/hairspray or shampoo/conditioner (or dry shampoo if you are totally fried). The morning after moving, I could barely crawl out of bed and did a very quick chignon with a lot of teasing and hairspray to get it to hold quickly before running out the door. Another morning this week, I spent 10 minutes digging through the bathroom boxes and couldn’t find my shampoo. I finally found a sample size shampoo and conditioner and was so happy. An arsenal of quick hair fixes for potentially comatose days or at least to avoid any stressful searches is a must. (limited edition Bumble + bumble holiday pin tin shown, image via)

Lounge wear. In a moment of pure luck, I found some cozy PJ pants and a t-shirt in one of the first boxes I opened. Otherwise, I would be wearing jeans to bed. For the record, I don’t own any Juicy sweats. But, I’ve always kind of wanted to walk around with Juicy on my bum. (image via)

And, now onto three goodies that have been so lovely to have this week!

Facial cleansing wipes. I received a 10-cloth sample pack of these wipes in a Sephora VIB 500 point gift pack along with other Ole Henriksen products. The absolute last thing I’ve felt like doing all week is wetting my face and lathering up facial cleanser. Using these luscious wipes after long days has been such a luxury. I really love these. They smell like creamsicle and are so soothing on the skin. I also enjoy Neutrogena Night Calming Towelettes.

Via Italian Roast coffee packs. As much as I want homemade coffee every day, I’ve made sure to have a handful of Via coffee in my handbag at all times. My coffee maker will probably be one of the last things to be picked up from the old place and I have been dying without it. But, Via is so wonderful when in need of a quick coffee fix. I always travel with it as well. Just the thought of being without coffee is unbearable. (Pic via Btw, have you tried the site? It looks like for home and bath products.)

Ice cream bon bons. Oh yes, they are amazing. This is what I was most likely enjoying when I was not packing. They are yet another amazing find from Trader Joe’s. Only 60 calories per nugget, so not too bad on your sassy summer bum. (photo via)

What go-to comforts do you always want when moving or even traveling?

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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  1. I am a paper towel ‘junkie’.It would be with me moving and on my first day. I use it for so many many things. So wasteful but it’s O.C.D. I use neutrogena towelettes remove eye make up/tinted moisturizer. Dabbed in Jojoba Oil. Both go on all my travels. I also have alcohol wipes towelettes for hands that I infuse with Lavendar. (the wipes look like clorox wipes but they are alcohol wipes to kill germs on hands or ‘whatever’). I add Lavendar oil for the good smell. I use them on airplanes, hotels room or when I need to ‘disinfect’ and have no water/sink around. I like it better than ‘Purell type gels’.

    1. My cleaning junkie habit is bleach wipes! I literally bleach wipe everything. I’m obsessed. And they smell so delicious. My favorite is the citrus scented one, but perhaps they should come out with lavender scented! How do you infuse towelettes with lavender? I’m intrigued!

      I love the idea of jojoba oil for cleansing while moisturizing! I bought some at TJ’s on your suggestion and sometimes use it for body moisturizer.

  2. Our last move consisted a cross country drive. So I was just glad to have our family and pooch accounted for when we arrived. One of the nice things about being in the Army is that they pack and move everything. They can even unpack if you ask, but I like to do that myself. The first boxes I usually unpack are the linens and towels and then move on to the kitchen stuff. The best thing I find that helps me get through boxes is great TUNES!! I put my ipod on and unpack away! Good luck! I wish I lived closer so I could come help. I am a master unpacker!

    1. Oh that is so nice that you had everything packed – what a luxury!! That is my least favorite thing in the world to do! But, I agree with you on unpacking – I really love it!! It’s like a fresh start and you can decide where everything will live!

      You are so sweet!! I wish you lived closer too but I am LOVING your blog!!! :)

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