bubbly + beauty products

Happy Tuesday! We are all moved in and we had some delicious bubbly last night to celebrate. During all the chaos of the move, I was sure to have easy access to my favorite festive champagne glasses. Aside from hand soap and paper towels, these were the first things to be unpacked. Priorities, right? A couple friends came over to get the first official tour and brought some amazing Prosecco to continue the toasting and happy occasion. Thank you S+V! <3

After spending the past couple weeks packing, I’ve become curious how everyone else packs. There are definitely things that I paid special attention when packing. One was jewelry, of course. Another area was my favorite dishes and glasses. But, one place I spent an extraordinary amount of time was packing my bathroom. More specifically, my beloved products. In my packing delirium, I actually photographed this box in progress.

If an outsider were to watch my product packing process, they might think I was handling bricks of gold. I wiped down each product with a citrus scented bleach wipe, then dried each one off with a paper towel. I then carefully placed each product in the box and arranged them all so that they would be totally secure during the move. If I had more time, I promise you I would have organized them all by category, and quite possibly by color. (And, no, I don’t have kids. Or pets. So I have time to polish my products. :D )

This was box 1 of 4 solidly packed product boxes. I found unopened products that I purchased months ago, “back stock” of products that I use regularly and keep on hand, and gifts I’ve received over the past year. I have huge bags of samples from online shopping orders. I uncovered endless supplies of hand lotions, deep conditioners, shampoos, and body moisturizers. It’s really quite amazing what I’ve managed to accumulate. I’m even considering having a feature on the blog about all the samples and products I’ve yet to try. I think I have enough to keep a series going for at least several months.

So, back to my original curious moment – how do you pack? What do you treasure most? What do you stop to adore and lovingly wrap up before packing it away in a box? Books, letters, special collections, keepsakes, food in your pantry, throw pillows? What is the thing that you love and want to protect most during a move?

Have a lovely day!

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  1. “What do you stop to adore and lovingly wrap up before packing it away in a box?” Cards & letters from my daughter. What else at top of list? My pillow! Toothbrush, TP & paper towels – all very important to have right off the bat in the new place. :-)

  2. picture frames!! with pictures, of course. and i always get stuck on my magazines. if only I could throw them away… I swear I have some from the 80’s.

    1. Ha, funny. I own a lot of frames, but have yet to put pics in them! They are all still on my computer! And I adore mags! But, you know what happened to all of my old mags! Blessing in disguise! :)

  3. I would have packed my bathroom stuff like you did. Every box would have a ‘category’. Your description sounded normal to me :) Wine glasses would get extra attention too. My ‘memory’ boxes are already in boxes per year …yes we have memory boxes and collect matches from restaurant experiences around the globe. Magazines, I hold on to many magazines and let a few go each year. Some are ‘classic’ Time magazine covers from the 80’s and old National Geographics that my father collected. So happy you finally are IN!

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