the leisure report: summer white accents

The milky white vase in this gorgeous sunlit room adds a touch of cool,
crisp summer glam. It inspired me to seek out other everyday items
in summer white that could provide a bright pop of color throughout
the house.

These porcelain bowls are adorable and functional. They would be a
perfect key dish for me. I have a silver key dish by the front door now
that I would be lost without. These sweet bowls would definitely put
a smile on my face in the mornings when I picked up my keys on the
way out the door.

These bangles are not only fab works of art for the body, but would
also look delicious arranged on a jewelry tray with a few other pieces.
I can see these even adorning walls of a small hallway as bright white

The sleek white packaging for the NARS skin line adds a little mod
to my morning routine. I splurged on the brightening serum and a
gentle cleanser a few months ago at a NARS event at Bluemercury.
The subtle orange citrus scent of the products is amazing and perfect
for a touch of aromatherapy in the morning. I simply cannot wait to
display these on a product tray in my new master bath haven.

This is ultra posh packaging for a fab, lush brand of Spanish olive
oil. How sexy would this look in your kitchen? Check out these
alluring tasting notes listed on the company’s site. An olive oil
tasting is now officially on my *must do* list.

This creamy white cocktail would really look perfect in any
room of the house. Especially, perched in your hand. Its
ingredients include fresh mint, white chocolate and vanilla.
And, it’s also topped off with edible gold leaf – the ultimate
way to kick off the weekend. Recipe here.

Have an outstanding weekend! ♥c

photos:  hall / bowls / bangles / nars / olive oil

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  1. I have a love affair with Olive Oil for cooking, for taste, for dressing or dipping. Its in my life daily. I even place some in lotions during the winter for my skin and elbows. I need a key dish. I’ve never thought about that….your blogs are killing me lol (in a good way :)

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