haute + gold: new condo!

Exciting news: I am now officially a home owner! Fiancé and I settled on a new condo yesterday afternoon. I couldn’t be happier. I want to share with you my top three favorite spots in the condo. These pics were taken in May during one of our first viewings.

Number 1 favorite place: Roof top deck (shown above) – I predict that I will literally live on this deck throughout September and October. Possibly even November if the weather continues its insanely warm patterns. We plan to line the deck with some sleek trees for a bit of privacy and lovely greenery as well.

Number 2 favorite place: Kitchen – Considering I spend the majority of my waking hours eating and/or drinking, I will be spending loads of time in here inventing fab, new recipes for the blog. Let me tell you, that oven is seriously business.

Number 3 favorite place: Master bathroom – See both of those sinks? Don’t tell Fiancé, but those are both mine. Along with all of the cabinet space for my ludicrous collection of products. A nice feature is the separate “Ritz style” toilet room, which is where the open door is shown in this pic. This master bath only needs a room-service phone installed and it will be perfect. The floor tiles are quite beautiful and you can also catch a glimpse of the tiled shower in the reflection of the mirror (upper left corner of this pic).

I feel so lucky to have found a space we can grow into. We are moving next Monday and will have made the complete transition into the condo officially on July 20. The blog just might be overtaken with anything and everything home for a few months. I’m a little obsessed right now. I’m so looking forward to sharing my design inspiration, ideas, photos, and the progress of the rooms as each of them goes from blank canvas to totally polished. I also look forward to hearing from all of you occasionally with each of your own experiences with painting, decorating and renovations.


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