the leisure report! 7.6

Watermelon pops.

Best idea ever. I read about this fab idea on Skinnytaste just in time for a July 4th BBQ. I planned on bringing watermelon anyway, but this is so much more fun to eat! People really love food on a stick. It was a total hit!

New outfit for my iPhone.

I have been loving my new iPhone case. The super bright orange logo is perfect for summer. Hard cases are really the only choice for me. They survive my multiple drops very well. Find here.

Coffee. Lots of coffee!

We have to do a lot of packing this weekend. We are moving in just over two weeks and have so much to do. I’m trying to get through it by focusing solely on the end result … and having a constant source of caffeine, like this dreamy latte created by my super fab friend and coffee artist Leah. This is the magic they serve at Peregrine Espresso in DC. Totally gorgeous, no?


Red, white and blue breakfast.

My favorite summer go-to breakfast is Greek yogurt mixed with organic agave nectar and berries. Sometimes I throw in walnuts or sliced almonds. It’s so easy and delicious and keeps me full at least for a couple hours. And, this is my patriotic breakfast from Wednesday morning. Delish.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 3D.

Yes, I seriously saw this. We were going crazy in the apartment on Saturday and I felt too hot and grimy after losing power to meet up with friends, so we took off to the movies. Fiancé only wants to see things playing in 3D, so we saw this. It was pretty entertaining, especially with 3D blood splatters. (via)

Nighttime soap quote of the week.

JR Ewing to John Ross Ewing:
“Now, I’m gonna tell you the truest thing my daddy ever told me. Nobody gives you power. Real power is something you take.” (from the 6/20 Dallas episode)

Saturday morning salon visit.
Next to going to the gym, my favorite way to start a Saturday morning is at the salon. Especially when a good girlfriend has an appointment at the exact same time! It’s happening tomorrow morning at 11:00. So excited.

What are you excited about this weekend? Have a fantastic weekend! ♥c

P.S., one more: Appreciation.
We lost our power for a mere 24 hours last weekend and it felt like a week. There are others who actually have been without power for a week and I feel for them. It’s absolutely amazing how much we do with power and how helpless we are without it. Reminds me to be thankful for every little thing in my life, especially those things that are so easily taken for granted.

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  1. That coffee IS gorgeous! And I kinda want to see Abe Lincoln too. Looks just campy enough to be fun. And I’m with your guy– I only want to see movies in 3D. Otherwise I can wait for blu-ray. :)

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