the leisure report! 6.22

Happy day to you! Here are a few tasty nuggets I am loving right now. Have a fab weekend! ♥c

Graphic flip flops.

I snatched up these chic DVF sandals this week. They are totally perfect for lounging, brunching and overall summer strolling. Find them here, along with a few other designs.

Dallas one liners.
Chris Ewing (to John Ross Ewing): You better grow eyes in the back of your head, cousin, ‘cuz I’m coming for you.

I’m so hooked. The new Dallas totally meets my nighttime soap melodrama expectations. After my short-lived love affair with GCB and now my new Dallas 2012 addiction, I’m kind of obsessed with the glam Dallas life. It’s kind of the new NYC, no?

If you haven’t seen Dallas, you need to. Stat. Blackmail, power struggles, double crossing and loads more dramatic cheek slapping! It’s the best of The O.C., Season 1 of Desperate Housewives and Revenge all wrapped up in a golden belt buckle.

J.R. Ewing’s gold belt buckle, to be exact …

Awesome book covers.

Coolest book cover ever, right? Ok, I’m totally biased, but it’s so awesome! My friend Tyler from my old school Richmond days designed this cover! He’s now living the NY life – both in and out of the city! If you are looking for a genius graphic designer, leave a comment here and I’ll get you in touch. Find out more about the development of this cover here. The book comes out in January 2013 – pre-order here. Great job Ty! It looks amazing!!

Summer movies.

I am totally seeing Rock of Ages this weekend. I love singing, dancing and big hair. And, seeing all of Julianne Hough’s looks will make this movie completely worth it.

New tanning towels from June Birchbox.

I love the original Tan Towels and am so excited to find out about a new brand of tanning towelette. This came in my June Birchbox and I cannot wait to try this out. The bronze packaging is an extra fab touch. Have you signed up for Birchbox yet? A yummy box of deluxe samples delivered to your door monthly in a pink cardboard box! Pure genius. Treat yourself here!

Sleek Hair goodness.

Looks like the hot and sassy team at Sleek Hair was paying attention to this post. They have a yummy offer happening right now through July 2nd for free shipping on all orders $55+. I already have my eye on this Paul Mitchell Color Protect Reconstructive Treatment and a few other sleek hair treats. Use code funinthesun. Happy shopping and fab weekend to you!

7 thoughts on “the leisure report! 6.22

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  1. Rock of Ages was AWESOME!!! Jeff and I had so much fun. Expect campy and cheese, but dammit it’s good. I sang the whole time and Tom Cruise is WOW!

  2. I got excited by the word FLIP FLOPS…I have 5 pairs for different reasons/colors/mood/mode. They make me happy and I also house my ‘house flops’ even in the winter, I wear them.

    1. Btw, these flip flops have literally fallen apart in only a month. So I’m a bit disappointed. My Victoria’s Secret bedazzled flip flops have lasted 2 years and are still amazing. :)

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