wrapped in foil: almond butter + nutella sammie

Happy Thursday! The Leisure Report will be here tomorrow, don’t you worry your pretty head. Today, I want to share with you my three minute breakfast. One of my favorite combos is almond or peanut butter and Nutella on toast. It has to be toast and it has to be almost burnt. I got the love for burnt toast from my dad. It’s just better that way.

Sometimes quick and easy food is the most satisfying. I often just throw something together before running out the door in the morning and the best is when it’s kid food. The foil adds a little nostalgic touch of packed lunches and brown paper bags, no?

The bread is Udi’s gluten-free whole grain bread I found at Trader Joe’s. I have no issues with gluten, but I’ve really wanted to try it. Just because. It’s so absolutely light, delish and crisp when toasted. I love using the fresh almond butter grinder at Whole Foods and most stores sell organic or natural almond butter in a jar. I’m still loving the Noisella from Le Pain Quotidien, their own tasty version of Nutella. They have all sorts of delish oils, spreads, chocolates and pantry goodies to take home.

Have a yummy day.

5 thoughts on “wrapped in foil: almond butter + nutella sammie

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  1. Im going to try this UDI GLUTEN FREE ..I’ve recently tried a different brand and Im convinced my tummy likes gluten free better (or maybe its mental ) but both matter :) Looks good!

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