the leisure report! 6.14

Welcome to this week’s Leisure Report! Here are just a few summer goodies that I am loving right now. If you love them too, let me know. Have a great day and fab weekend! xo♥

Nighttime summer soaps.

Southfork 2012 is here! Now that Revenge is over, I have a serious vacancy for some slapping and backstabbing in my entertainment life. While I hardly followed all the twists and turns of the original Dallas, I welcome the delicious potential of a new nighttime soap with open arms! I tuned in last night for the first 30 minutes to see if this would stay on the DVR or get booted. I felt like I was watching a bad Lifetime movie during the first 5 minutes, but stuck with it. 15 minutes in, I was hooked.

There was enough melodramatic dialogue, punching, insulting, side eye glaring, and threat making in the first half hour to leave me drooling. There are still some 80s undertones, but I totally love it. If you want some back story, take a look at the 6 minute Dallas refresher video here on HuffPost. Did you watch? What did you think?

Chocolate chip banana bread experiments.

I love banana bread. I’ve actually never met another human who doesn’t. But, I don’t love ingesting a lot of butter, sugar and flour all at once. So … what does a girl do to attempt to maintain some sort of summer bod? I tried this Skinnygirl Dish recipe for Boo Boo Banana Bread and made some edits based on completely random culinary instincts and ingredients on hand.

I used whole wheat pastry flour for half of the flour, added in some Greek yogurt to make up for the third banana I did not have, I added some walnuts and Chia seeds (my fave). It was pretty gooey and delish. I probably wouldn’t use the pastry flour again, but I’m on this kick of trying to find recipes to use it in. I’m curious though – why did my chocolate chips sink to the bottom? Do I have to chop or shave the chocolate? I haven’t made banana bread since I was a wee nugget, so I would love to hear about your best banana bread recipes! Send me your healthy favorites and I will try them and post them!

The Sweetgreen June salad.

Ok, so I try not to post photos of partially devoured food, but this is a prime example of when I was absolutely ravenous, ate half my meal then realized that it was too delicious not to share with you! I absolutely loved this salad and all the ingredients were locally sourced. Go Sweetgreen with the local farm to table love!

Here are the ingredients of the June salad. Check it out if you have one near you! Cannot wait for the July salad!

Finishing books.

I was so excited about Bossypants that I bought it in hardcover when it was first released last April, 2011. I proceeded to read ten pages and then it got lost in the vortex of my bookshelf. I absolutely love buying books and, now, love downloading books to my Kindle. But finishing them is another story entirely. So, I’ve picked this lovely gem up again recently and it’s now my June book … that I might read while eating the Sweetgreen June salad. It’s a total riot. Check it out!

Beach in a bottle.

This body oil is literally every delicious beachy moment of your entire life bottled. Seriously. I smelled it in Bluemercury recently and almost died of nostalgic happiness on the floor. I wish I had indulged while I was there, because it seems like it’s now sold out everywhere online. This is definitely a splurge-worthy treat (if you can find it!). Available at Nordstrom and BobbiBrown.

Chocolate covered bananas.

Favorite new discovery ever. These little gems are amazing. I’m sure you can easily make them at home, but Trader Joe’s does such a lovely job. They are literally just sliced bananas, dipped in chocolate and frozen. Easy, peasy. And they are so perfect for a mini sweet treat when you need it.

Awesome Father’s Day card.

This is the card my dad will be getting in the mail this week. I owe my dry sense of humor to my dad and this card could not be more perfect. Not to mention this is so A Christmas Story. Enjoy all the many dads in your life this weekend!

Cheers! ♥

8 thoughts on “the leisure report! 6.14

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  1. REVENGE!!!! WAH!!!!!!! Moving on, I will PAY YOU TO MAKE ME THE BANANA LOAF and you know I AM SERIOUS!!! Please! (and you dont have to worry about the choco chips for me :) The salad looks like something I can have every night….yum.

  2. Love Bossypants!!! I got the audio book for some free trial, and must have listened to it half-a-dozen times. I’m totally in girl love with Tina Fey!!

    1. It was so good! I finally finished it a couple weeks ago, then sent it off with a friend on her vacay. Thanks for visiting! It usually doesn’t take me a month to reply to comments! I blame it on moving! :)

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