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Happy Thursday! So, would I be cheating on my proclamation of needing a several month blogging hiatus only to return to you only a couple weeks later with a fab new weekly summer series on channingosity called: The Leisure Report?

Because that is totally what is happening right now.

Perhaps I just needed a vacation. Or maybe this was a strategic publicity stunt to solicit attention (ahem, Alec Baldwin).

In any case, the comments and emails from friends after the sweet as pie goodbye post were enough to melt my heart. I also have a feeling that the world is a better place with the channingosity blog in it. Just sayin’.

I also just have too many things to be excited about this summer, like watermelon, Bing cherries, cheesy summer television series, 15+ hours of sunshine per day, barbeques, rooftop patios, guacamole, superhero movies, and the delicious smell of sunscreen.

Without further ado, welcome to The Leisure Report, coming to you each Thursday this summer. It’s simple and fun. Just a handful of things I love and I think you just might love too. Enjoy!

Watermelon (anything and everything watermelon).

What is this adorable deliciousness, you ask? Well, I fully admit I thought it was just watermelon cut in cute shapes and then plopped onto a popsicle stick. Oh but, it’s so much more than that. It’s Watermelon + Chili Paletas (watermelon, serrano chilis, lime juice and sugar) and it sounds like all I really need to survive. Recipe + photo via Sweet Paul Mag (and watermelon photo originally spotted via Design Sponge).

Neon nail polish.

Oh hell yes. I really love that this is the season to roll with highlighter yellow neon nails. Give it to me. I particularly love this shot from the blog Could I Have That?. Samantha Hutchinson, fab owner of said blog, looks gorge in anything and everything, so pair these nails with caution. E.g., her neutral cocktail dress is perfect. Thoughts on the best day-glow shades out there?

Stuffed turkey burgers.

I tried this stuffed turkey burger recipe this week and it’s pretty easy, tasty and really good on top of arugula. After this deliciousness, I can really never go back to regular burgers again.

I used the good ‘ol George Foreman grill and there was a cheese volcano situation (I mourn the loss of the fallen cheese). I would recommend a real grill, a skillet or broiling as the original recipe suggests.

If you are a burger patty making novice like me, don’t forget to spray your hands with cooking spray before attempting to make these patties. Turkey meat is sticky like glue and will fall in love with your hands and never let go, I promise. Or better yet, have a sous chef in charge of spraying your hands in between patty making and making you cocktails in between that.

Awesome burger tools.

After enjoying the oh so tasty stuffed turkey burgers, I literally picked up the Williams-Sonoma catalog five minutes later and saw this Stuffed Hamburger Press with Lifter on the back cover. Darling press, where were you when my hands were covered in turkey glue? I must have you.

Summer entertainment.

Teen Wolf on MTV. (Yes, seriously) Season 2 just premiered this week and I’ve kind of been waiting for this all spring. (And I totally have a crush on this werewolf, played by Tyler Hoechlin. He’s now the alpha. Hot.) What can I say? I have a weakness for melodramatic supernatural shows. That is all. Do it.


Uhm, hello, have you gone to Pie Sisters yet? This is their ooey gooey Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie that Fiancé got and topped with ice cream. I literally thought I died of dessert bliss.

What are you excited about this summer? Tell me everything.

See you next week!


6 thoughts on “sweet as pie hello + the leisure report

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  1. If you don’t watch Pretty Little Liars, you must run run and get the DVDs. The storyline is like a Christopher Pike novel (remember those) and the fashion is GREAT!!!! Thanks for the post I am going to run run and get yellow nail polish for the beach!

    1. Oh yes, Pretty Little Liars totally looks like a show I could fall for! Without knowing a lot about it, it kind of reminds me of the hilarious/dark Jawbreaker movie ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0155776/ ). Thanks for the yummy recommendation, I will add the DVDs to my queue! And … I want to see pics of your hot new nail polish in action! Have fun at the beach! xo

  2. i MUST try all of these things STAT!!!

    Yay for Channingosity!!! And YAY for rooftop terraces – AHEM!!!

  3. Hmmm…that press for the turkey burger is quite interesting and might have to go on my xmas list for my mother in law ..I also have a George Foreman Grill.I stopped using it but I can’t remember why?…(usually that means I wasnt in love!). Im behind on your blogs but keep them of course. Im now learning about the Leisure Report title! :) I love the word ‘leisure’…(gee I wonder why…)
    Adriana Serritella
    McCabe World Travel
    “Leisure Travel Consultant’

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