roygbiv diet

Happy May 1! I love colorful, fresh food! In fact, this sunshine salad is one of my all time favorites. But, what do you think of the idea of eating one color of food exclusively for a whole day? Not only that, but doing it for seven days – each day having its own food color designation. All Orange, All Day! Sounds fun, right? Check out this audio clip [ROYGBIV Diet] of NPR reporter Amanda Thieroff who spent a week doing just that. It proved to be a bit more challenging that she thought! What would your ideal food color day be?

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Do you incorporate the full ROYGBIV spectrum of foods into your diet? Check out this Shape article on fab, colorful suggestions to brighten up your daily food. Have a colorful day. xo♥c

[P.S. Does this ice cream count?]

[photo via]

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  1. Champagne is a color because we splash Chambord :)
    To balance this out I do eat the rainbow colors of vegetables and fruits during the day weekly!

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