100th post + weekend goodies!

Happy Friday! Today is my 100th post on channingosity. Very exciting!

I’ve learned that people really love the Starbucks egg salad sandwich, really want to know what’s in it and this is one of my top visited posts. People adore vanilla bean cupcakes and fluffy frosting and many searches have led to this post to find a no-fail recipe. Dove and charcoal grey walls are huge and many people have found this post in searches for inspiration in transforming their bedrooms. And everyone loves gold! It’s so fun to know what inspires and entertains readers!

It started as a food blog, then a beauty blog, then I realized I love too many things and couldn’t limit this to one particular focus when there are so many fun things to post. I’ve loved posting all these goodies and I so appreciate all my readers and friends! You inspire me to do this! I also adore my first two guest bloggers – Lizzy + Rachel – and look forward to more guest posts from old and new friends alike! I love the comments and feedback and look forward to the next 100 posts! xo

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

The fiancé and I are looking at condos this weekend. We have a few spaces lined up that I am really excited about! Our list is quite modest, but this penthouse is my dream for our next purchase. Any condo-hunting tips from my home-owning friends out there?

[thanks to vanessa for sending this yummy video!]

The Five-Year Engagement is in theaters today. Co-written by Jason Segel, it takes a different path than traditional sappy rom-coms [for which I am also a huge sucker]. I love Segel even more after hearing this interview on NPR last weekend on the inspiration for his writing, mostly based from real life experience – specifically, the naked break up scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Oh yes, it was real. What are your favorite Jason Segel movies?

I’m feeling the sweet, hot summer right around the corner and I’m suddenly in the mood for pineapple. This recipe for Spiced Pineapple Cocktail looks amazing.

Bluemercury is having a NARS event this weekend to introduce their new summer line. I’m going with a couple friends and so look forward to a glass of bubbly and perhaps some tasty new makeup. If you have a location near you, give them a call to see if they have some delish events headed your way.

In more lovely NARS news, a limited edition nail polish collection called ‘Thakoon’ will be released on May 1st here and here. Shown here is a delectable powder blue called Kutki from the collection. I would snatch it up, but I have so many nearly identical shades. This soft blue color is one of my faves. Have you tried NARS nail polish and what do you think of it?

Have a fantastic weekend!! xo♥c

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  1. happy 100! that condo has me seriously drooling, and I’ve only watched the first 30 seconds. good luck with the hunt! and i love the segel, too :)

  2. Happy 100th! After being on the condo hunt for the past four months, my first thought to you is ‘aim high but soberly’. We have literally looked at 70+ places, and have slowly come to realize that what we thought did not meet our expectations initially would have been a sure win had we looked at it now. Obviously it totally helps that you have been living in the area for quite a while, but do your research and know what your money will buy. Know up front what you are willing to compromise on, because ultimately there always will be one. One thing we have done which has really helped is develop a simple spreadsheet with our ‘top 10’ (e.g. location, commute, sq ft, outdoor space, price, etc., each weighted with its level of importance), and have given each condo a score. Definitely has helped in the weeding process! So glad you have included that amazing pineapple cocktail recipe, because you and I are definitely going to need it! Congrats Channing and have an amazing weekend!

  3. 100-post milestone! Way to go! You do a great job on this blog. :-D Love the pineapple cocktail – looks so refreshing. Can’t wait to try it.

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